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Why is water (H2O) a liquid at room temperature while carbon dioxide (CO2) is a gas? What’s different about their structures that results in very different properties?

Why is water (H2O) a liquid at room temperature while carbon dioxide (CO2) is a gas? What’s different about their structures that results in very different properties?


Quemistry question about the property of gases.

The collisions of gas particles with the walls of their container is the source of what property of gases? temperature mass density pressure volume I think it is pressure the answer but i am not... more


How do you use the composite properties to show that an equation is an identity?

With this equation.cos(θ-180) = -cosθ
Properties Geometry Proofs


What is the value of x? Justify each step. (Proofs)

What is the value of X? Justify each step.AC=32(there is an image of a line segment- AB=2x and BC=6x+8)(please explain why you put each step with as much detail as you can provide)AB+BC=AC.... more


What property is this?



Which operation will change the value of any integer except 0?

F. Add 0 G. Multiply by 2/2 H. Divide by 1 J. Multiply by 0


What two whole numbers is 34.938 between?

What two whole numbers are in between the number 34.938?

Is potassium chromate(IV) soft or hard? does it has lubricity? Is it a good electric conductor?

Im searching for some properties of potassium chromate, but i cant seem to find much on books and internet, just the same ones. 


If two fair dice are​ rolled, find the probability that the sum of the dice is 8​, given that the sum is greater than 5.

I'm new and i want Help from you please help me with this use this Formal (E|F)= P(E ∩ F)/n(F) 


All Mixed Up: The proofs below are all mixed up. Rearrange either the statements or the reasons so the proofs make sense. - Explain & Show Work

Statementsa. PQ = RSb. QR = QRc. PQ + QR  = RS + QRd. PR = PQ + QR QS = QR + RSe. PR = QS Reasons a. Reflexive Property of Equalityb. Substitution Property of Equalityc. Givend. Addition Property... more


what property is x x 1=1


I don't know how to solve this about distributive property

Use the Distributive Property to write each expression in expanded form1. 3(x+5)2. 2(3x- 10)3. 2x(x+S)4. (x+2)(x+S)


Explain why (a+b)+c us equivalent to b+(a+c) using your knowledge of properties.

Please include the steps to how they (the properties - commutative and associative) are being used as well.


how do you do this and what is the answer

what property of number is this  2(3+4)=2(3)+2(4)


Can someone help me with properties and explain how it's done?

Can someone help me with this?   Identify the properties used to solve the inequalities:   3+2y-11... more
Properties Science


What is a chemical reaction and how is it related to the physical properties of matter.

Chemical equation: a short way to show a chemical reaction using symbols instead of words
Properties Prealgebra Math Help


Math Question

What property is being shown in the problem   16+0=16


Can you explain the distributive property?

I really don't understand the distributive property of multiplication and addition. We are learning about it in school (grade 7) but I just don't understand how it works or how to use it properly.... more


What's the property that justifies this statement?y

if x=2, then x+y=2+y


What property is used to solve m-7=13

I am having trouble naming the properties used to solve these equations. I know how to solve them, but by memory. help?


Jacob walked 3 blocks to Ping's house, then 5 blocks to Jamal's house.

Write a sentence to show that the distance from Ping's to Jamal's is the same as the return walk home. Write the sentence and name the property used.


Name the property that justifies each statement

1. mABC = mDEF and mDEF = mABC 2. AB = CD, CD = EF. therefore, AB = EF.  3. x + 7 = 5; x + 7 - 7 = 5 4. X = y; if x = 18, then y = 18 5. A = A
Properties Math


What property is 0(-20) = 0

What property of math is this..... Identity...commutative property...inverse property..multiplication of zero?

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