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7th Grade Math Math Geometry Volume


Prism Math Question

A triangular prism has a right triangle base with one leg 4 inches and the other leg 7 inches. The height of the prism is 11 inches. What is its volume?
7th Grade Math Prealgebra


John uses 3 1/2 cups of sugar for every 4 batches of cookies he makes. How many cups of sugar would John use if he makes 15 batches?

This is a homework question I have, I need help.
7th Grade Math Prealgebra 6th Grade Math


how to find a eqautin for my problem

Tom has 12 quarters he has as three times as many quarters as dimes


need to solve a real world problem

Sally and her friend went to a restruant for dinner. The food total before tax and tip was $27. The tax rate is 8.9%. Sally also wants to add a 15% tip for excellent service before tax. how much is... more
7th Grade Math Geometry


Finding Missing Angles

<Q and <R are complementary angles. If m<Q is nine less than twice the measure if <R, find measures of both angles.
7th Grade Math Fractions Simplify


What is the next fraction in this sequence? Simplify your answer. 11/12 , 5/6 , 3/4 , 2/3

11/12 , 5/6 , 3/4 , 2/3 help me find the next fraction in this sequence and simplify
7th Grade Math Prealgebra


Math problem that I don't get.

I don't know how to write a equation for three less than seven times a number equals twenty-four.
7th Grade Math Geometry


Math surface area of cylinder

The largest piece of candy ever was she’s like a cylinder 4.49 m long and had a circumference of 1.14 m. What is the surface area of the candy?
7th Grade Math Prealgebra


Sam buys 4 boxes of the Crispy Crunch Cereal at Store A. What fraction of the original price of each box of cereal does he pay per box?

Sam shops at three stores and each store is having its own sale as described below.Store A: Crispy Crunch Cereal: Buy 3 boxes, get 4th free!Store B: Take 15 off the original price of one item!Store... more
7th Grade Math Prealgebra


Which proportion can be used to find the height of the statue in Brian’s drawing?

Brian made a scale drawing of a statue. In his scale, 2 inches = 3 feet The height of the actual statue was 12 feet tall. Which proportion can be used to find the height of the statue in Brian’s... more
7th Grade Math


How do I figure this out

I need grass seed to cover a circular Feild 290 feet in diameter and a store sells 50 Pound bags of grass seed, 1 pound of grass seed covers about 400 square feet of feild what is the smallest... more
7th Grade Math Prealgebra


Three medium pizzas cost $10.50. How much does it cost to buy 10 medium pizzas

if 3 medium pizzas cost $10.50 how much do 10 pizzas cost?
7th Grade Math


25% of what number is 9

7th Grade Math


Proportions and percent

What is the total cost of a pair of shoes on sale for 25% off of $75 with a sales tax of 6%
7th Grade Math


Please answer my question

what is the total cost of a pair of shoes for $57 with a sales tax of 8%
7th Grade Math


What does 4/5/10 equal?

7th Grade Math


If 3 3/4 pounds of candy cost 18 how much would one pound cost?

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