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In this sample, are the events "believed the false headline" and "believed the true headline" mutually exclusive?

A civics teacher asked her students to indicate whether they believed each of two headlines. One headline was false and the other was true, but the students did not know this. The probability that... more


khan academy baboon

A baboon steals an apple and runs to a nearby boulder 10.0m to its left. The baboon reaches the boulder in 1.0s with a constant acceleration of 20.0m/s^2 leftward. What was the baboons initial... more


When f(m) is divided by (m+1)(m+1),what is the remainder?

The polynomial function fff is defined as f(m) = (m^3-m^2-17m-15)(m+1).


Benjamin is riding a unicycle. The tire of his unicycle has a circumference of 2.8m, and the tire revolves 1.5 times per second.

What is the distance Benjamen traveles in 100 seconds?


What is the slope of y=-1+3xy=−1+3x

plz help me with this


y=-4x+6 3x+4y=-2 is 2,2 the solution of thew system

Please hurry i need a good grade



solve for y  


Write an expression to represent: Four more than the product of one and a number x.

 khan academy question 


equivelent expressions of j+j+2k

I hate Khan Academy


− ​5​/​3 ​​ + (− ​2/​8 ​​ )

khan academy is harc


9p+3p what is the awnser



Who will get to cliffton first

Aurora, Burlington, and Clifton are three cities. Aurora is 656565 miles west of Burlington. Clifton is due north of Burlington and 979797 miles away from Aurora.Clyde and Minnie leave Aurora at... more

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