32 Answered Questions for the topic 7th Grade Algebra

The equation is 16y - 20y = 40, what is y?

Write and solve an inequality statement.

James has agreed to watch less Netflix and spend more time studying. He has agreed to watch less than 20 hours of Netflix each week. On Monday through Thursday, he watches Netflix for a total of 6... more

Write and solve an inequality statement.

Carter has agreed to watch less YouTube videos and spend more time studying. He has agreed to watch less than 12 hours of YouTube videos each week. On Monday through Thursday, he watches YouTube... more

If the expression x^2-5x-(x^2-8x+2)-2 has a value of -3 for some value of x, then what is the value of the expression (3x-4)^2+6x-8 for the same value of x?

 Please let me know if you use the value for x in the 2nd equation and get the value 3 for that equation?

According to Dolbear’s law, you can predict the temperature T (in degrees Fahrenheit) by counting the number x of chirps made by a snowy tree cricket in 1 minut

equation: T= b. You count 100 chirps in 1 minute. What is the temperature? The temperature is ºF.c. The temperature is 96 °F. How many chirps would you expect the cricket to make? chirps

Using algebra in geometric problems.

One angle has 25 more degrees than another. The sum of the two angles is 125 degrees. How many degrees are in each angle?

write a word phrase for p*7

 please help

I dont understand..., HELP PLEASE

I have an exam tomorrow, and my review sheet has this question that i dont understand:   Determine the difference of the expression (4.3*108)-(3.8*103). Show your work or justify your reasoning.

Do 10.7, 3.2, and 5.5 create side lengths of a triangle

 Do 10.7, 3.2, and 5.5 create side lengths of a triangle?  how do i know how to create actual side lengths?

How do you do this?

An employment agency sells its services to companies for a fixed rate of $2,500 plus a commission of 42% of its sales. To cover the agency's expenses, it needs to earn at least $8,800 a month.Write... more

Theo made a donation to a charity.

His grandfather agreed to add $4.00 to Theo's donation amount and then donate half of that sum. Theo's grandfather donated $4.25. Write and solve an equation to find the amount of Theo's donation.

For what values of r will the area of the shaded region be greater than or equal to 12 square units? Write your answer as an inequality.

I don't know what formula I'm supposed to use, it's like a rectangle with a triangle inside of it, the the length and width of the rectangle is r and 3.

triangle DEF and triangle QRS are right triangles. If triangle DEF is simular to triangle QRS, and measure angle EFD= 65 degress, which of the angle also has 65

triangle DEF and triangle QRS are right triangles. If Δ DEF is simular to Δ QRS, and m<EFD= 65°, which of the following angles also has a mesure of 65°?

how does a graph show a proportional relation ship


#11 step by step please

Games at the carnival cost $3.50 each. The prizes awarded to winners cost the owner $135. How many games must be played for the owner of the game to make at least $45?

#10 step by step

Shaggy earned $8.25 per hour plus an additional $75 in tips waiting tables on Saturday. He earned at least $200 in all. Write an inequality and find the minimum number of hours, to the nearest... more

#7/ Step by step please

Michael is 17 years older than John. In what 4 years, the sum of their ages will be 49. Find Michael's present age

Step by step please

Mrs. Smith's class is selling frozen pizzas to earn money for a field trip. For every pizza sold, the class makes $5.35. They have already earned $182.90 toward their $750 goal. How many more... more

#5 step by step

The length of a rectangle is 100 centimeters, and its perimeter is greater than 400 centimeters. Henry writes an inequality and graphs the solution below to find the width of the rectangle. Is he... more

#4 step by step please

On a cruise ship, there are two options for an Internet connection. The first option is a fee of $5 plus an additional $0.25 per minute. The second option costs $50 for an unlimited number of... more

#3 step by step (equations and variables)

Sally's bank account has $650 in it. Every week, Sally withdraws $50 to pay for her dog sitter. What is the maximum number of weeks that Sally can withdraw the money so there is at least $75... more

Step by step (equation and variable)

Gary's contact states that he must work more than 20 hours per week. The graph below represents the number of hours he can work in a week.   a. Write an algebratic inequality that represents the... more

Step by step please (There needs to be equation and variables)

Ben had agreed to play fewer video games and spend more time studying. He has agreed to play less than 10 hours of video games each week. On Monday through Thursday, he plays video games for a... more

Last question. Step by step please!

A scooter travels 10 miles perhour faster than an electric bicycle. The scooter traveled for 3 hours, and the bicycle traveled for 5 1/2 hours. All together, the scooter and bicycle traveled nomore... more

Step by step please #5

Brenda has $500 in her bank account. Every week she withdraws $40 for miscelleaneous expences. How many weeks can she withdraw the money if she wants to maintain a balence of a least $200.

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