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6th Grade


Distributive property for 42+48 for 6th grade math

Help I don't know it is hard for me
6th Grade Math Algebra 1


Algebra 1 Help!

A parking lot has a flat rate fee of $12 and charges $6.50 an hour. Nick paid $57.50 for h hours of parking. What is the maximum number of hours Nick can park his car using this parking lot?xx... more
6th Grade Math Rate And Ratio


The ratio of 8 to 5 is?

This is for 6th Grade math Unit 2
6th Grade Math Elementary Math


what is 7x5 equal

6th Grade Algebra 1


what numbers get you to 217

using all 4 operations, parentheses, and exponents
6th Grade Prealgebra


Help please - need to show work!

Ella has a box of chocolate candies. She gave 1/3 of the candies to her sister, 4 to her brother, and she eats the remaining 12 candies. How many chocolate candies were in the box... more


Explain in detail how to answer, please !!?

A turtle can walk 1/12 of a kilometer in an hour. The turtle is 1​/5 of a kilometer away from a pond.At this speed, how long will it take the turtle to reach the pond?
6th Grade Math Geometry


Area Of section

A smaller square is located inside a larger square. The length of the smaller square is 7cm and the length of the larger square is 12cm find the area of the section outside the small square but... more
6th Grade Math Algebra 1


Write an equivalent expression for 36x + 12

6th Grade Geometry


6th grade math help

john built a wooden deck in his backyard, shown below.A. What is the area of the deck? Show your work or explain your reasoning.B. Sarah wants a deck with the same area as Jason's. However, she... more
6th Grade Geometry


6th grade math help

Ms. Carpenter’s class uses a box of cubes to study volume. The box is in the shape of a rectangular prism. The edge of each cube is 21/2  inches long. The box has 24 cubes arranged in a rectangle... more
6th Grade Math Algebra 1


how do you write an equation to show how a car moves 900 feet every 10 seconds?

I'm just really confused with this, so I would love some help!
6th Grade Prealgebra


I need help finding the unit rate

The grocery store is selling lettuce at a cost of 5 pounds for $4. What is the unit rate for lettuce at this grocery store?

Name TWO conversion factors that relate cups to fluid ounces

May someone help me with this and explain how they got the answer? I need it by tomorrow, thanks
6th Grade Prealgebra


6th Grade math question

One person walks 1/4 of a mile, which is 2/3 of the distance that another person walks. What is the total distance that the person walks?

Hugo is serving fruit sorbet at his party. He has 1 gallon of fruit sorbet to serve 32 friends. If each person receives the same amount, how many cups of fruit sorbet will each person get?

May someone help me with this and explain how they got the answer? I need it by tomorrow, thanks
6th Grade Prealgebra


My question in math yes :/

in Mrs rutherford's class 30% of the student like chocolate ice cream how many students are in her class if 6 students like chocolate icecream

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