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6th Grade Math Fractions


Plz!!! help!!!!

jerry was  feet  inches tall at the beginning of the school year. During the school year, he grew  of an inch. How many inches tall was he at the end of the school year. Making sure the answer is... more
6th Grade Math


what is half of 5/8

6th Grade


I can’t seem to get this

Write an equivalent expression for 24x + 16?
6th Grade


Is there another way or number the is both GCF than 20 for 20 and 40

6th Grade


There are 25 students and 14 of them are in the play what percent is in the play?

I am having a problem on this problem plz help
6th Grade Math Algebra Percentage


A car costs 12,000. During a sale, it will cost 10,920. By what percent was the price reduced?

Asking about how much the car price was reduced during the sale (in percentage form).

Name one possible pull factor and one possible push factor behind why the Europeans migrated to the United States

One possible pull factor could be the history behind the United States. One pull factor could be that the Europeans didn't like the climate in their county. Maybe, they didn't like the way the land... more



The instructions are    write each expression  using exponents Is the answer  2.1xz4 or 2.1z4  the circles mean  multiplication  but that doesn't matter
6th Grade


A number is divided in the ratio 6:2. If the second part is 32, find the number?

Have to Find the whole number. The answer is 128, I have no idea how they got that. Tried proportions
6th Grade Math Help


Equivalent expression for 24x + 16

Idk this answer plz help
6th Grade Math Money Percents


A problem on percentages

  Diana invest $25,000 in the bank in at the beginning of the year. She will receive 7% interest at the end of the year but she will have to pay a 16% tax on the interest received.How much interest... more

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