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6th Grade Geometry


What is the base of a parrellogram

6th Grade Math #mathrules


The ratio of red marbles to blue marbles is 4 to 5. If you had 81 marbles total, how many would be blue?

IM CONFUSION!!!! please help meh. #MATHRULES


The balance of Micah's checking account is $648. Micah needs at least $800 in the account to cover his expenses.

How much more money does Micah need?
6th Grade Algebra 1 Algebra


what does seven mor than 4 times a number 35 mean

Lin runs 5 laps around a track in 6 minutes. How many laps per minute is that?

Please add an explanation. Minutes per lap is 1.2 minutes.
6th Grade Prealgebra


Real World Measurement- Study Island

Maggie is making cookies for her bakery. She needs  kg of cake flour for each batch of cookies. If Maggie makes 9 equal batches of cookies, how much cake flour will she need?
6th Grade Prealgebra


What is the answer to this problem

A bag of dried fruit is made up of 6 parts dried cranberries and 7 parts dried apricots. How many ounces of each fruit would be in a 117-ounce bag?
6th Grade Prealgebra


Help me fast please

if I buy dog biscuits at the block rate price of $2.25 per pound. in the way of 25 biscuits is 0.75 pounds. what is the cost of 40 biscuits?
6th Grade Prealgebra Ratios


Big math idea asssement

Factor 54+27 using the GCF
6th Grade Prealgebra


Bucket is 2/5 full and weighs 2 1/2 pounds. How much would it weigh when its full

Bucket is 2/5 full and weighs 2 1/2 pounds. How much would it weigh when its full
6th Grade Math


Math for 6th grade

Carl goes running every 3 days. He does push-ups every 4 days. Every 6 days, he swims. What is the first day he will do all three When is the second day he will do all three When is the third day... more
6th Grade Expressions


6th grade math word problem

While on vacation, Mikey spends $110 per day on his hotel and $35 a day on food. a) If he spends no other money, how much in total does a 5 day vacation cost him?b) Write an expression that can... more
6th Grade Math


How do you solve Multiplication equations with negative number?

How do you solve multiplication equations with negative numbers. Ex: -8x = 20 or -25 = -5r
6th Grade Hard......


Word problems, commission and royalty 6th vrade

Ali, Ben and cliff plant seedlings in their neighborhood park. Ali plants 40% of the total number of seedlings, Ben plants 45% of the total number of seedlings, and cliff plants the rest of the... more

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