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6th Grade Math


unsure about this question

A water tank is  1/8 full. The tank is  3/4 full when 42 gallons of water are added to the tank.a. How much water can the tank hold?b. How much water was originally in the tank?c. How much water is... more
6th Grade Math


Please help I’m not smart

Owen dives 9 feet below sea level. Shawna dives 12 feet below sea level. Express the comparison of the sea levels as an inequality.
6th Grade


disstributive property

For 32 + 40, which of the following shows the correct expression of distributive property using the greatest common factor (GCF)    a 2 (16 + 20)  b 4 (8 + 10)  c 5 (6+ 8)  d 8 (4 + 5)
6th Grade Math


Mystery Number Help

 This mystery number has four digits. No digit is used more than once. The smallest digit has the most value. The greatest digit has the least value. There is a 4 in the hundredths place. The... more
6th Grade Science


Earth's place in the universe. Moon phases ( Lunar Cycles )

Question: Why does the moon have phases?The ___ of the ____ around the _______ causes the _______ to appear to have _____. My question is: What goes in the blanks to complete the sentence?
6th Grade Math Perimeter


What is the perimeter of EFGH?

There are two figures, figure ABCD and figure EFGH. Figure ABCD’s measurements are 5.0 , 4.0 , 8.0 , and 3.0. While you only know 2.5 on the measurements of EFGH. The perimeter of ABCD = 20. The... more
6th Grade Math


how do i find the volume in cubic feet with mixed numbers

6th Grade Math


How do you ask for an equation

How are dependent and independent variables realated.
6th Grade Elementary Math


Math Equation Question

If I started with 12 ounces of nuts and 24 ounces of raisins and I woke up with 2 ounces of nuts for every 3 ounces of raisins, is that the same? Or did I get stolen from, and if so, what and how... more
6th Grade


6th grade ratio math

The ratio of boys to girls in the school choir is 4:7. If there are 16 boys, how many girls are in the chior?
6th Grade Math Ratios


Mr.Ellington has 32 students in his class, The ratio of girls to boys is 3:5. How many girls are in the class.

This is 6th grade math. On ratio's, somebody help.
6th Grade Math


How many terms are in the expression: a-88+3^4

I think it’s 3, but not sure?
6th Grade Elementary Math


At sams birthday party there are 6 friends sharing one half of a pizza. What equal -sized portion of the whole pizza will each of the six people receive?

What do you have? what do you need? Solve problem I really am having a hard time explaining to my 12 year old!
6th Grade Elementary Math


6.4 divided by 112

6th Grade Ratios Proportion Ratio


An automobile assembly line finishes 3 cars every 2 hours.

1.How many cars are finished each hour?2.Determine approximately how long it takes to finish 1 car.3.If it takes 2 hours to finish 3 cars, how many hours does it take to finish..a) 6 cars? ... more
6th Grade


I need help with this

Stacy Is making 2 and 1/4 batches of cookies. If each batch calls for 1/3 of a cup of sugar, how much sugar will Stacy use?
6th Grade Math



Students in Mr. Clark's class are reading a book that has 180 pages. Guy decides to read 15% of the book each night. How many pages will Guy read each night?

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