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How do universities select applicants?

When someone is applying to a university, how can they be sure to stand out and gain acceptance?

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David W.

A University (whether public or private) has expensive tuition because THEY NEED THE MONEY INCOME. 1. When an accepted student does not become a successful, contribution alum, the University doesn't get gifts or recognition (FEW exceptions). 2, When an underachieving, poorly-motivated student is qcepted, the quality of eduction at the University is lowered, and lowered, ... and lowered, Soon there are fewer qualified applicants. 3. Often, schools get recognition and grants because faculty do research, write papers, write books, ... there must be good students to attreact (and pay) good professors, . . . Now, consider the similar concers that an applicant has when appying for a job at a successful company. "Why shoul we hire you?" Sadly, IT IS NOT SO MUCH FOR YOU -- they have VERY SELFISH motives.


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