Position of verb for object clause?

Is the general word order of this sentence correct? > We investigate how strong the effect of X on Y is. Or, as an alternative, > We investigate how strong the effect of X is on Y. In a... more


Help with this please?

The ratio of the corresponding linear measures of two similar cans of vegetables is 2 to 3. The smaller can has a surface area of 180 square centimeters. Find the surface area of the larger can.

When running a gel, what could cause a standard to run "faster" than usual?

We are running a gel on the products of a restriction digest to determine the size of an insert. We know the vector backbone size should be ~2.9kb; however, the standard appears to be running too... more

Can one die from pain?

Is it possible that a human or any other creature can die from pain? I googled and found different answers. Some articles say Yes while others say No.

Enzyme Inhibition in relation to Aspirin?

I see that aspirin (in part) works by inhibiting cycloxygenase isoenzymes and that this inhibiting is irreversible. I've had a few classes mentioning this topic in passing, but never with depth.I... more


Interview question

This position may involve working with little direction and influence from your supervisor, and there autonomous decision making. What would you do to ensure success in this situation?

give example of how you can help the company become visible in the community

The company is a counseling places that help children and married couples. they want to become more visible in the community by media and event


What are the civil service exams?

More like the definition of it....... but either can do.

Two more than the product of 12 and Chrissy's age.

Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression. Use the variable c to represent Chrissy's age.


Suppose 72 gallons of water came out of a pipe in 8 minutes . What was the rate in gallons per minute?

If their is 72 gallons of water and some came out of it in a pipe in 8 minutes what is the rate in gallons per minute.


The length of a rectangle is 5cm more than twice the width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 34cm. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

5cm is more than twice the width perimetor of the rectangle is 34cm

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