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Reflection Calculus


A striaght line y=mx+c is to be reflected about the line y=x. State tve equation of the image of line y=mx+c in the form of y=kx+l.

M =/=(0,-1)Express answer k and l in terms if m and/or c


Is it possible to 3D print a mirror to create a high quality telescope?

Is it possible to 3D print a mirror with todays available materials?If so, would there be a reduction in image quality?
Reflection Geometry


J(1,4) A(3,5) R(2,1) across y=2

How do you complete this problem?? I'm so confused.


Physics: Reflection of LIght

A basketball player of height 2.60 m is standing 2.90 m in front of a convex spherical mirror of radius of curvature 3.00 m. Determine the size of the image.Im confused on how to solve this without... more


The image of a vertical line under a line reflection is always a vertical line

Is the statement "The image of a vertical line under a line reflection is always a vertical line" always true? Or could it be wrong in some cases?


The question is what type of transformation occured to the function f (x)= -X

... Its obviously a linear function and the book says its a reflection but the debate between my teacher and I is whether its reflection over the x axis or y axis. Please help!


(3,-4) reflected over the y = x

(3,-4) reflected over the y = x


1. If M(6, -2) is reflected in the line x = 3, what is M'? 2. 10. Q (-3, -3) reflected in the y-axis

please help (its two different questions)


what is the image of point A ( 7, -2) after each transformation

Reflection over the Y-axis  And reflection over the line Y= -1

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