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answer to nearest minute

It takes a hose 5 minutes to fill a rectangular aquarium 8 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 11 inches tall. How long will it take the same hose to fill an aquarium measuring 23 inches by 25 inches... more
Minutes Miles


if it takes 21 mins to get somewhere, how many miles away is it?

21mins how many miles


It takes 53 min. For 6 people to paint 6 walls. How many minutes would It take 20 people to paint 20 walls.

Can you please answer this for me.ASAP


Write an equation that shows the relationship between the phone calls routed p and the minutes on the phone t.

Andrew has already spent 2 minutes on the phone, and he expects to spend 2 more minutes with every phone call he routes. 
Minutes Word Problem Time


Could you show me the equation and solution in this time word problem? Thanks

How can I be able to derive the correct answer in this word problem: One of the two watches gain 12 seconds in 18 days and the other loses 20 seconds in 30 days. If the watches were together at... more
Minutes Math Time


If the Earth ran on a one-hour Day/Night cycle, how would traditional 12hr clocks read those times?

Assuming X:00 was midnight, what would clocks read if the time of day appeared as 3:00 PM on a 24hr cycle? Also, what time of day would it appear to be if it was X:20 on a 1hr cycle?Please include... more


Bearings - Size of the angle

I know that N ane E is 90º between each other but what is S and ESE? Apparently it's 67º30', I don't understand it, please help me!


Estimate the amount of solid 1 second later

Let f(t) be the weight (in grams) of a solid sitting in a beaker of water after t minutes have elapsed. Suppose that the solid dissolves in such a way that the rate of change (in grams/minute) of... more

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