Dalia S.

asked • 06/04/14

Estimate the amount of solid 1 second later

Let f(t) be the weight (in grams) of a solid sitting in a beaker of water after t minutes have elapsed. Suppose that the solid dissolves in such a way that the rate of change (in grams/minute) of the weight of the solid at any time t can be determined from the weight using the forumula:
If there is 6 grams of solid at time t=2 estimate the amount of solid 1 second later.

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PIYUSH L. answered • 06/04/14

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Dalia S.

the answer is incorrect



I apologize for the error. Please note the correction.
As shown above,
fprime(2) =-5*f(2)*(5+f(2)) = -5*6*(5+6) = -330 gms / minute
-330gms / minute = -330 gms / 60 sec = 5.5 gms / sec
Therefore the weight of the ice at time = 2 is decreasing by 5.5 gms / sec

Its weight after 1 second will be 6 - 5.5 = 0.5 gms


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