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What keeps water from sinking into earth?

I remember reading somewhere that there's evidence of water on Mars but it all sank into the Martian soil. So what prevents that happening on earth? Some people say it's because the crust is not... more
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Rocks sparking under water?

I have searched for an answer to this question for years, to verify if it was true.A man that lived on a river in the rugged part of the northern Washington Cascades told me an interesting story.... more

Is there a database of global rainfall time series?

Is there any institute out there collecting time series data of precipitation, and making them accessible online? I need data for a few different locations, but: * Low spatial resolution is fine.... more


a circular water transmission pipe has a diameter of 1.25ft and is 5.6 miles long. how much water does it take to fill the pipe?

must give answer in ft cubed and in gallons.

Under what circumstances will a rock have high porosity but low permeability for groundwater flow?

A.) when the pores are formed by dissolution of limestone B.) when the pores are all interconnected C.) when the pores are very small D.) when the pores are very large

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