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Oxygen Chemistry


What is the theoretical yield of iron(II) oxide in grams? What is the percent yield for this reaction ?

For the following reaction, 4.80 grams of oxygen gas are mixed with excess iron . The reaction yields 18.4 grams of iron(II) oxide .iron ( s ) + oxygen ( g ) iron(II) oxide ( s )

To which group in the periodic table does element M belong?

A certain element M is a main group metal that reacts with chlorine to give a compound with the chemical formula MCl2 and oxygen to give the compound MO. To which group in the periodic table does... more


Why isn't water flammable?

Fish don't breath water, they breathe dissovled oxygen that is in the water. Because pure oxygen is quite flammable, and pure oxygen is dissolved in water, why isn't water flammable? I'm sorry this... more

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