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What is the probability that a randomly selected member of the club?

1. Forty percent of the members of the Chicago Charges Track and Field Club participated in 40 % of the events at the recent provincial meet, while 34% entered the field events, and 18% entered... more


Trigninmetry Question ,please help!

2. A hot air balloon is to be attached to the grond using two support ropes. One support is attached on one side of the balloon at an angle of elevation of 42 degrees. Another support is attached... more
Diagram English Subject Help


Please help me!! I need help

DIAGRAMING: In the space provided, type the word(s) that should be placed on each lettered blank in the diagram.Where we will go on our vacation depends on our schedule, which always seems... more
Diagram English Help Grammer


help me pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!

DIAGRAMING: Did the teacher ask Jeremy a question?
Diagram English Grammar


help me please!!

DIAGRAMING: Did the teacher ask Jeremy a question?
Diagram Chemistry


Energy Diagram_ Chemistry

Hello! I need to draw an energy diagram but I am mildly confused as to how to go about it. The diagram below shows steps in the exothermic chemical reaction of bromomethane with hydroxide to form... more


Circle Problem

Students from Ms. Misterek’s class are standing in a circle. Each student is given a whole number then stands in numerical order. Consecutive numbering begins with one. The student holding number 7... more
Diagram Percent


the price of a soda went down by 20%...

The price of a soda went down by 20%. The new, reduced price is $400.  a) Explain why you can use the next percent diagram to calculate the price of the sofa before the education. (Fill in steps... more
Diagram Equation Percent


how to find 45% of 400...

How to find 45% of 400? Solve the problem using 1) % diagram and 2) an equation. 


what is the maximum length and width of the house?

 House is built on a lot 70 ft wide by 100 ft deep. the shorter side of the lot faces the street. The house must be 25 ft from the street, and 20 ft from the back lot line and 10 ft from each side... more

Venn diagram

Compact Disc Collection Gitti is a fan of the music of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.In her collection of 25 compact disc, she has the following:   5 on which both Simon and Garfunkel sing 7 on... more


Venn diagram

- Draw an appropiate Venn diagram and use the given information to fill in the number of elements in each region.   n(A ∩ B) = 21, n(A ∩ B ∩ C) = 6, n(A ∩ C) = 26,        n(B ∩ C)= 7, n(A ∩ C') =... more

Ven diagram

Given: U={a,b,c,d,e}; X={a,c,d}; Y={b,d} and Z={a,e} Find the following: a) (X’ ∪ Y)’ ∪ Z & its Cardinal# (n) b) X ∪ (Y’ ∩ Z’) & its Cardinal# (n) c) X – Z’ & its Cardinal# (n)

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