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Pythagoras Theorem Math Prealgebra


How do I find the length of both legs of a right triangle with only the hypothenus?

I really need help with this. The hypothenus is 25 and I have nothing else.
Pythagoras Theorem Word Problem


Pythagoras theorem right angle triangle word problem

Hypotenuse is r=17.5m depth is x=15m height is unknown Question:Mr Thompson is standing 15m away from the church at the bottom right point of the right angle triangle. The distance from his feet... more
Pythagoras Theorem


Find X. 3X×3X+25=12

It was in the form of a right angled triangle so I used Pythagoras' Theorem to get this equation 
Pythagoras Theorem


Town B is 8 miles north and 17 miles west of town A. How far are the two towns apart?

the question is about pythagoras property and is a little hard for me
Pythagoras Theorem


PQR is an isosceles triangle such that QP=QR=13 CM and the altitude is PS=12cm.. find the length of PR

Its about triangles. Pythagoras theorem and the lengths and distances
Pythagoras Theorem


Find the distance from the midpoint of one of the side of a square of length 10cm to either end of the opposite side

Its about Pythagoras theorem..... diatnace formula and square   roots
Pythagoras Theorem


The length of one side of rhombus is 52cm. Ine of its daigonals is 40cm. Find the lenght of the other daigonal and the area of the rhombus

This questions is related to Pythagoras theorem... area of rhombus is required. 
Pythagoras Theorem Angle Math Help Triangle


Math Help!!!! How do I find the height of a triangle using the pythagorean theorem???

The triangle gives the base and the hypotenuse, how do i find the height using a^2 + b^2 + c^2?????
Pythagoras Theorem Pythagoras


Two circles of radii 10 cm and 15 cm respectively are placed inside a square. Find the perimeter of the square to the nearest centimetre

This questions uses Pythagoras theorem and ask about 2 circles in a square and how that will help us find the values of the sides of the square   
Pythagoras Theorem


A right angled triangle has two shorter sides and one is twice as long as the other.

 The hypotenuse is 25cm long. What are the lengths of the 2 shorter sides?
Pythagoras Theorem


question in the description

lisa is flying her kite hight in the sky. She releases the string to its full length of 55m, and holds the end of the string at head height. Lisa is 178m tall. Assume the string forms a straight... more
Pythagoras Theorem Trignometry


a car drives 30km on a course 215degree T. how far west is it of its starting point?

the course is 215 degree and T is listed next to it. I don't know what this means and I hope someone can help me with this. the 215 degree T has to deal with True bearings. pls do let me know your... more
Pythagoras Theorem


Im really stuck please help asap, question in description. thanks

A hedgehog wants to cross a road to reach a particularly interesting piece of grass on the other side. The grass is 5 metres further along the road from a point directly opposite where the hedgehog... more
Pythagoras Theorem Geometry


Geometry Problem

The diagonals of a rhombus are 28cm and 54cm long. Find the perimeter of the rhombus.
Pythagoras Theorem Volume


If the volume of tea in a tea bag is approx. 23cm^3, calculate the depth, d, of tea leaves in the bag. Round your final answer to 1 decimal place.

The slant height of the pyramid = 7.7cm The side of the base of the pyramid = 3.5cm The perpendicular height of the pyramid = 7.291cm The Base area = 12.25cm^2   FULL WORKING PLEASE!!!
Pythagoras Theorem


find the maximum height of the arch.

an arch is in the shape of a semicircle. at a point along the base 3 foot from an end of the arch, the height of the arch is 10 feet. Find the maximum height of the arch.
Pythagoras Theorem Math Equations Math Help


Equilateral triangle

An equilateral triangle DEF has sides of x cm and height h cm. show that the area of ΔDEF is ((√3)/4)x^2 cm^2   Please show the full working. 
Pythagoras Theorem Math Math Help Triangle


Need help for this question (important!)

a rare stamp in the shape of an equilateral triangle FGH has sides of 2cm. find the perpendicular distance from F to GH.    please show the full working and answers. 
Pythagoras Theorem Math Math Help Triangle


Pythagoras Theorem

In the figure, PQ=13cm, PR=12cm, PS=18cm and PR and QR are perpendicular to QS and PS respectively. Calculate the length of QS. (P is at the top point of the triangle, Q is at the bottom left and... more
Pythagoras Theorem Math Math Help Area Of Triangle



ABC is a triangular plot of land in which ACB is a right angle. The length of AB is (2x+1)m, the length of AC is (x–1)m and the length of BC is (2x–5)m.    a) Using Pythagoras Theorem, form an... more
Pythagoras Theorem Math Algebra 2 Velocity


Speed Question

Joe and his dog Freddie are in a park with Joe standing 60 feet due south of Freddie. Freddie starts to run due east and without stopping or changing direction, catches a ball thrown to him by Joe.... more
Pythagoras Theorem


Pythagoras theorem, question in summary

  David kicks a football from the ground to a wall the ball travels 22 meters through the air and hits a point on the wall which is 256cm high, work out the distance David is away from the wall... more
Pythagoras Theorem Maths Triangles Right Angles


This is an open question so there are no answers in the textbook, is there any methodical solution that is not trial and error? Please keep it simple!

An engineer designs a slide for a playground. As shown in the diagram, the slide AB is 20 cm long. Angle ACB is 90°. The gradient of the slide is required to be greater than 1/2 but less than 1.... more

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