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Find the Slope and y-intercept.

With m=2 going through point (-5, -4)


Follow the seven step strategy to graph the following rational function.

f(x)= 4/x2+x-6


Help please I don’t know what to do

Write an equation for a rational function with: vertical asymptotes at x=2 and x=3 x-intercepts at x=-3 and x=4 y-intercept at 9


How do I graph f(x)=-3x+54?

I don’t understand how I am supposed to graph this amount of numbers when my graph only goes so far. Normally y=mx+b is my formula. It is still the same formula technically, but I am just overall... more
Y Intercept Equations Slopes


Slopes and y-intercepts

Write equation of the line with...slope: 1y-intercept: (0,3)

x-3y=4 by letting y=0 and solving for x.

how to solv eit.


Write an equation in slope-intercept form for the line that passes through (2, 7) & (26, 21)...?

A.)y = 14x + 1/10 B.)y = 24x + 1/10 C.)y =  14/24x + 140/24 D.)y = 10x + 140/24


Use the function to answer the following questions:

Use the function f(x) = x^2-2x-8 / x^2-9 to answer the questions:   1.) Find all zeros of f(x):     2.) Find any y-intercepts of f(x):     3.) Find the equation(s) of all vertical... more

Finding y-intercept

How do you find the y-intercept of 2x=-3y-5

Finding y-intercept

How to find the y-intercept of 1/3y+1/2x=-3


Find the y-intercept please.

I am doing a math project and I got a problem like this: (-5,-11); average rate of change = 1/5. I know that the average rate of change is slope. I was wondering if there was any way to do this... more
Y Intercept Slope


Find the slope of the given line.

Suppose you want to find the equation of the line through the point (2, 6) and perpendicular to the line represented by f(x)= 3x –7.Find the slope of the given line. Call this slope m1. What is... more
Y Intercept


What’s the y-intercept of an undefined slope going through the origin?

I have been wondering this because the slope is going through all points on the y-axis and I’m not sure if there is some specific word I should write or if I should just write 0 as the y-intercept
Y Intercept


Suppose the graph of a line has a negative slope and a positive y-intercept. Through which quadrants does the line pass? Justify your reasoning.

We are learning about the slope and y-intercept
Y Intercept


In the xy-plane, what is the y-intercept of the graph of the equation y=6(x-1/2)(x+3)

In the xy-plane, what is the y-intercept of the graph of the eq 
Y Intercept


Y intercept for g(x)=1/2(x-3)(x-7)

Y Intercept Math Slope Math Help


find the slope, y-intercept, and x-intercept of the graph of 3x+7y=14

show work in detail. 


Identify the slop, y-intercept, and number of solutions for each equation

A. 1-y=9 B. 2(3-x)=0     I am stuck and can't seem to find problems similar to these online or in my text books. Please help.
Y Intercept Slope


Find the slope and the y-intercept of the line whose equation is given

y=2/3x+1 this is the equation given 


find x and y intercepts for equation.

-4x+7y=56 type an ordered pair for the answer
Y Intercept X Intercept


find the y and x intercepts for the equation

-4x+7y=56 type an ordered pair


Finding the Reflection Point Of y = 3(x + 7)^2 - 2

Vertex form is y = a(x - h)^2 + k. If a quadratic function has the vertex form of y = 3(x + 7)^2 - 2, then what is the reflection point for the y-intercept?   Thank you! 


slope and y intercept help

Sam rented a car for a week, drove 580 miles, and paid $327. Eliza rented a car for a week, drove 305 miles, and paid $217. Both friends mentioned that there was a rental fee for the car and an... more

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