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Space Astrophysics


How do we know for sure that the singularity inside black holes is infinitely dense?

So what causes the black shell around black holes is the fact that light can't escape beyond that point. Since we can't see what is beyond a black hole's event horizon, how do we know for sure... more


How can a black hole be electricaly charged if it sucks up all matter (including electrons and protons)

How can a black hole be electricaly charged if it sucks up all matter (including electrons and protons)?thanks!
Space Physics Light


Can magnetic forces be faster than the speed of light?””

Theoretically, if there was a magnet that was strong enough, would it be able to pull an object faster than the speed of light?


What is an Astronist?

I just heard a person call themselves an Astronist, but not sure what religion they are following and what they actually believe? I guess its something to do with astronomy and space!


why can't we attach messages to moving stars that will eventually leave the system

Recently a high velocity star was discovered in Australia. I read a National Geographic article that said it would reach another galaxy in 100 million years and that led me to wonder, what if we... more

Which requires more fuel?

A rocket going from earth to moon or a rocket coming from moon to earth?Can you please explain the physics behind this.


How big is the universe?

Nobody knows how big the universe is, but it is mind-bending to think of just how big it might be.


What does the sky look like to human eyes from orbit?

There are numerous pictures, obviously, of the blackness of space from the shuttle, the space station, and even the moon. But they all suffer from being from the perspective of a camera, which is... more
Space Astronomy


is it possible to create an assembly line of space stations throughout our solar system to study it.?

to be able to have better data regarding our solar sytem.


Can galatian even mean galaxy?

I've been thinking of the word Galatian. I know Galatian means something from the bible but can Galatian even mean galaxy? Galaxian is a close word but Galatian kind of fits the tone of it better... more


What are black holes made of?

I wanna know

diffraction limited angular resolution of light

A space based telescope has a 2.6 m objective, what is the diffraction limited angular resolution of light ( 633 nm)? Report you answer to three decimal points and include the word arcsec as your... more


How can astronomers deduce that there is a second star in a star system?

 They can look for the brightness of the star becoming periodically lighter and darker.They can look for a wobble in the position of a star.They can look at the star's gravitational pull on... more


Astronauts on the International Space Station feel weightless because

Their apparent weight is zero.They are above the earth’s atmosphere.The gravity of the earth and the sun are directed opposite each other, so there is no net gravitational force.They are far enough... more


Why are meteorites so valuble cosmic samples

A. Because they represent some of the youngest material in our Solar System B. Because they can tell us more about the other planets in our Solar System C. Because they represent material from... more
Space Science


A geostationary satellite revolves around the earth from west to east once in 24 hours. How does the the satellite appear to a person in earth's surface ?

a) Stationary in the sky. b) Moving east to west. c) Moving south to north. d) getting smaller with time.   Thank you for your time.   

significance of satellites for our understanding of the universe?

and any examples? thank you so much


If there is a New Moon at midnight on October 1, when would the next New Moon occur?

If there is a New Moon at midnight on October 1, when would the next New Moon occur?
Space Miles Mass Weight


Earth Surface

The weight of an object varies inversely as the second power of the distance from the center of the earth. The radius of earth is approximately 4000 miles. If a person weights 160 pounds on Earth's... more


Can anyone help me with these science questions on Astronomy: Earth and Space Systems/ The Solar System?

Most of the frozen ice in a comet's ______ vaporizes after the comet's many trips around the sun. The Sun produces energy by fusing hydrogen atoms, into _____ atoms in its core. Planets were... more


What are quasars?

i dont really get what they are, its not making sense that one exists

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