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Visible Light Astronomy Stars Exoplanets


What is the farthest planetary body or star system object we have observed using visual light?

What is the farthest object which we can get a direct Detailed visual image of using visible light which appears more than just a dot and falls into one of the following categories: - Planet -... more


Why do stars flicker?

Why do stars flicker and planets don't? At least this is what I've read online and seen on the night sky. I've heard that it has to do something with the fact that stars emit light and planets... more
Visible Light Astronomy Stars


Are there stars that wouldn't look white to the naked eye?

I have a small YouTube channel in which I make videos about topics relating science and things I find interesting. The topic I'm working on recently is on the color of the sun. What I thought at... more
Visible Light Astronomy Space


What does the sky look like to human eyes from orbit?

There are numerous pictures, obviously, of the blackness of space from the shuttle, the space station, and even the moon. But they all suffer from being from the perspective of a camera, which is... more
Visible Light Electromagnetic Spectrum


What are some ways astronomers use visible light?

 What are some ways astronomers use visible light part of the electromagnetic spectrum?

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