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If the moon was purple what colour would the sun be?

Think if instead of white the moon would be purple!Based if this considering the sun gives the moon its light and the moon sometimes appears orange like the sun in turn what colour would the sun... more


Why is a new moon not the same as a solar eclipse?

Forgive the elementary nature of this question:Because a new moon occurs when the moon is positioned between the earth and sun, doesn't this also mean that somewhere on the Earth, a solar eclipse... more
Sun Astronomy


How far away is the sun?

how far is the sun from earth


Why does the full Moon appear?

I know that the full Moon appears when Sun, Moon and Earth are in a straight line, but if we consider that they are in straight line, why is the Moon illuminated?I mean to say that Earth should... more


How can a full moon be seen south of an observer's location?

I know this seems like a simple question, but I'm trying to debate with a flat earth theorist. I asked him to explain why can the ISS visibly be seen orbiting the Earth with the naked eye, and he... more

Do photons lose energy while travelling through space? Or why are planets closer to the sun warmer?

My train of thought was the following:The Earth orbiting the Sun is at times 5 million kilometers closer to it than others, but this is almost irrelevant to the seasons.Instead, the temperature... more


Explain what happens to Helium as Hydrogen decreases in the Sun

I'm having trouble with my Science project. On the rubric it stated, "Students use the model to predict how the relative proportions of hydrogen to helium change as the sun ages". The teacher also... more


If there is a New Moon at midnight on October 1, when would the next New Moon occur?

If there is a New Moon at midnight on October 1, when would the next New Moon occur?


How tall is the tree?

The Sun is 25 degrees above the horizon. It makes a 63-m-long shadow of a tall tree. How tall is the tree?


Is the sun's interior similar to Earth's?

Is this true or not. I am not sure. Please help fast. I need this done by 2:22pm TODAY!

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