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High School: Science Science Physics Regents


(Parallel Circuits) Find: It and Vt?

Find: It, Vt, V1, V2, V3, R1, and R2   I1 = 2A   I2 = 4A I3 = 6A   R1 = ? R2 = ? R3 = 8 ohms    
High School: Science Science Chemistry Volume


Question concerning molarity, volume and mass, please help!

If 10 drops of 0.5 mol L-1 Na3PO4(aq) had been added to the sample containing excess 0.25 mol L-1 Ca(NO3)2(aq), what mass of precipitate would you expect to produce? You may assume one drop is... more
High School: Science Science Physics Acceleration


Calculate velocity and acceleration during collisions.

A small car of mass 500kg is travelling at 120km/h when it hits stationary truck (of 1.5 tonne mass) head on. The small car rebounds and travels in the opposite direction at 40km/h. The collision... more
High School: Science Science Physics Momentum


Law of Conservation

A rocket is standing by to launch. While sitting on the launching pad the rocket has zero velocity and thus zero initial momentum (p1=0). When the rocket takes off, a bystander proclaims that the... more
High School: Science High School Maths


P and Q are the points of trisection of the diagonal BD of a parallelogram ABCD .prove that CQ is parallel to ac and also that ac bisects pq

High School: Science


what 2 parts of the plant makes the food by photosynthesis

I need these questions done for my homework
High School: Science History Chemistry Vocabulary


Vijay the plumber put in an new bathroom for us. he charges 2200 pounds plus 17 and a half percent VAT. what was the total we paid?

I need to know how much we all paid and how much is 17 and 1/2 percent VAT. Is it add or times or is  all of the formulas.
High School: Science Science Space Science, Space, Universe


significance of satellites for our understanding of the universe?

and any examples? thank you so much
High School: Science


places on the equator experience the quickest rates of sunrise and sunset in the world

im tring to find the answer cause i been trying all week to answer it and it take a long time  
High School: Science


Organisms with a low tolerance for salt thrive in the marine biome.

is it true or false
High School: Science Biology


What distinguishes proteins from other macromolecule types?

Multiple choice: A) Their monomers B) Their helical structure C) They are polar and other macromolecules are not. D) They are formed via dehydration synthesis.   Note: The correct answer is A... more


What is the shape name of C2HF3?

examples, linear, bent, trigonal planar.....
High School: Science Science Physics


For the reaction : 4Fe+3O2-->2Fe2O3, if 100 g of Fe are used how much Fe2O3 are produced?

I'm having such a hard time with this..It's my physics HW and I don't know how to solve this.
High School: Science Science


Science and enzymes and yea

Explain what would happen if a reactant molecule with a different shape to the enzyme came in contact with the enzymes active site     I need need the answer ASAP  thanks dudes 
High School: Science Science Biology Animal Cells


Biology - Asexual reproduction

Starting with one bacterium, how many bacterial cells would be expected from 6 cycles of Binary Fission?   Is 62 correct?   Thanks in advance for your help :)  
High School: Science Physics High School


A runner runs 2.6 km in 9 min and then takes 30 min to walk back to the starting point.

(a) What is the runner's average velocity for the first 9 min? km/h (b) What is the average velocity for the time spent walking? km/h (c) What is the average speed for the whole trip? km/h

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