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Kepler and Conservation of Energy

I need help wtih the following question:Consider the motion of a satellite with mass  m around a planet with mass  M (assume M>m). The orbit is elliptical.When the satellite is closest to the... more
Planets Astronomy


What planets are visible to the naked eye from Mars?

Here on Earth we are able to see some other planets, Mars & Venus etc, with the naked eye on a fairly regular basis thanks to the distance between the planets.What about from Mars? What... more
Planets Astronomy Stars


How are newly discovered objects (stars, planets, galaxies...) named?

When a new astronomical object (star, planet, galaxy, comet, etc.) is discovered, what is the official procedure to name it? Who decides about the name of it? Can they be changed in time?Extra... more
Planets Astronomy Stars


Is it possible to see satellites with the naked eye?

Every now and then I notice some very bright "stars" in the sky. They tend to be very few (one or two, usually), and are quite much brighter than any other star out there. Often they're perfectly... more


Is the moon a planet?

Can our moon qualify as a planet? With regard or without regard to the exact definition of the planet, can the moon be considered as planet as Mercury, Venus and Earth etc. not as the satellite of... more


Can the average length of the day and night of a planet be different?

At one point in "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", some agents are on a planet where the day, defined as the length of time where the sun shines on the planet, occurs only once every 18 years for a... more


How big is the universe?

Nobody knows how big the universe is, but it is mind-bending to think of just how big it might be.


Relationship between Mars and Earth rotation?

Is it by pure random chance that Mars and the Earth have nearly the same day duration (Mars day is barely 40 minutes longer, which is just 3% difference), or there is some causal relationship... more
Planets Science


what is the 5th planet from the sun

I need to know the 5th planet from the sun for my class. 


is the sun a planet

I was wondering if the sun is a planet?


What is the relationship between planets and other astronomical bodies ?

Nee. Help answering   

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