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Physical Science

How does the motion of the Earth provide us with life and How does the Earth take care of us through its motion around the sun, Through the moon’s motion around the Earth?


what is they of the cause/problem of Climate change 5 sentence

The cause: what is Climate change? That you care With a 5 sentence explanation of the cause/problem.
Earth Chemistry


i need help on this chemistry

1.SEP Engage in Argument from Evidence Discuss the flow of energy you observed in the reaction by describing a system and surroundings and the direction of energy flow. Include whether this... more


how do i find temperature number

Data Table  Initial Temperature, °C  Final Temperature, °C  Reaction 1: CaCl2 (5g) Reaction 2: CaCl2 (15g)


Would it be possible to calculate the expected frequency of impact craters of all sizes on Earth?

Can the expected frequency of all sizes of impact craters on Earth be calculated based on the preservation of impact craters seen on the Moon? Taking into account the difference in gravity and... more


Why is a new moon not the same as a solar eclipse?

Forgive the elementary nature of this question:Because a new moon occurs when the moon is positioned between the earth and sun, doesn't this also mean that somewhere on the Earth, a solar eclipse... more


Radioactive decay is the main source of the earth's interior heat: fact or theory?

It's believed the main reason that the interior of the Earth hasn't cooled down in 4 billion years is because of the ongoing decay of radioactive elements that keeps adding more heat than is lost... more


Does Earth have a code name?

Everything we discover in the sky get eventually a code name, like NGC 7293, Simeis 147, etc. Does Earth/Moon have a code name too? Or it is just Earth/Moon, etc.?

How significant is a planet's density to the formation of life?

I'm doing some writing set on a fictional earthlike planet that for reasons needs to be substantially larger than Earth but can't have substantially higher gravity. I've been able to compromise... more


Why does the full Moon appear?

I know that the full Moon appears when Sun, Moon and Earth are in a straight line, but if we consider that they are in straight line, why is the Moon illuminated?I mean to say that Earth should... more


Relationship between Mars and Earth rotation?

Is it by pure random chance that Mars and the Earth have nearly the same day duration (Mars day is barely 40 minutes longer, which is just 3% difference), or there is some causal relationship... more


Why is the Earth's center still hot after millions of years?

Why didn't the center of the earth cool after millions or billions of years? What keeps it hot?


How can a full moon be seen south of an observer's location?

I know this seems like a simple question, but I'm trying to debate with a flat earth theorist. I asked him to explain why can the ISS visibly be seen orbiting the Earth with the naked eye, and he... more

Why isn't Earth a perfect sphere?

In general, almost everyone describes Earth as an perfect sphere, but in reality it isn't a perfect sphere. Is there any specific reason why Earth is not perfect sphere ?

What are 4 reason earth isn’t shaped like a cube?

without knowing it’s a sphere but how do we know it’s not a cube? Why can’t it be a cube 

What are 4 facts we know earth isn’t shaped like a donut?

Some Earth facts, reasons why it’s not donut shape. 


How is there only 3 city states in the whole word?

I am shocked this is not a more common occurence. But Wikipedia only lists: Vatican City, Monaco, and Singapore as the City States in the world? Why are they so rare?


If there is a New Moon at midnight on October 1, when would the next New Moon occur?

If there is a New Moon at midnight on October 1, when would the next New Moon occur?


find gravitational force

A planet has ? the density of earth but 2x the radius. find the surface gravitational force on this planet. (Hint: Earth’s is 10N/Kg)
Earth Space Miles Mass


Earth Surface

The weight of an object varies inversely as the second power of the distance from the center of the earth. The radius of earth is approximately 4000 miles. If a person weights 160 pounds on Earth's... more


How do the seasons change based on your location on earth?

How do the seasons change based on your location on earth?


What is the earths net charge?

The intensity of the earths electric field near its surface is 130 N/C pointing down. What is the earth's net charge? Assuming that this field is caused by it (Use gauss's law)
Earth Science Sun


Is the sun's interior similar to Earth's?

Is this true or not. I am not sure. Please help fast. I need this done by 2:22pm TODAY!

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