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How do we estimate $10^{23}$ stars in the observable universe?

Now, I read somewhere, that there are 4,106,234 stars in the observable universe. How did scientists estimate this?


How is it possible for astronomers to see something 13B light years away?

In a NPR News story from a few years back:> "A gamma-ray burst from about 13> billion light years away has become> the most distant object in the known> universe."I'm a layman when it... more


Am I attracting Pluto?

My question is simple: as the title says, **am I exerting a force over for example Pluto**, although it is a **very small** force, it is there, right? Or maybe let's go further: **Am I exerting a... more


significance of satellites for our understanding of the universe?

and any examples? thank you so much

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