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Solving Equations


The formula P=2w+2l is used to find perimeter of a rectangle (width and len .Find the width of the rectangle if its perimeter is 100 cm and its length is 19 cm.

I am not really sure how to do this stuff so if u can help me it would be really appreciated...thanks! W is width and l is length
Solving Equations


A rectangle which has a perimeter of 100 cm contains 4 sides of 4x+1, 4x+1, x-1, and x-1. What's the equation, x solved, and the length of each side?

I need help with this type of stuff...I am just not understanding
Solving Equations


A 10-foot-tall flagpole stands next to a tree. The shadow of the flagpole is 17 feet, and the shadow of the tree is 50 feet. What is the height of the tree?

There is nothing more to describe my question.


I am having trouble finding the hr, min, and seconds with this math problem.

John ran the? 100-m dash with a time of 9.86 sec. If this pace could be maintained for an entire 26-mi ?marathon, what would his time? be? (Notice that 1 m ~ 3.281 ft and 1-mi = 5280 ft.) His time... more
Solving Equations


There are 6 fewer books in Ashley's library than in Jennifer's. If there are 20 books total, how many books does Ashley have?

I can not figure this question out and its due tomorrow, please help. I think the answer is 8 but i dont know.
Solving Equations


Alex has twice as much money as Jennifer. Jennifer has $6 less than Charlie.All together they have $54.How much money does each have

  my teacher wants us to use the y equals me plus b to do thisin think  
Solving Equations


the ?perimeter ?of ?patio ?is 6 4 feet. ?the ?width ?of ?the ?patio ?is 1 2 f e e t and ?the ?length ?of ?the ?patio ?is ( x + 6 ) x f e e t

I need help with solving equations 

determine whether the following statement is always sometimes or never true. then justify your answer using precise mathematical language. An equation of the fo

I need help fast and an explanation as to why the answer is it would be great!! I really don't understand the question!!
Solving Equations Algebra 1 Solving Equations


the length of a rectangle is twice its width. the perimeter of the rectangle is 126 feet.

The length of a rectangle is twice its width the perimeter of the rectangle is 126 feet
Solving Equations


how fast was each plane flying?

two planes left the airport at noon. one flew east and the other flew west at twice the speed. after 3 hours the planes were 2700 mi apart. how fast was each plane flying?
Solving Equations Math Algebra 2 Algebra


Solving Rational Equations

John takes 2 hours longer than Andrew to peel 600 pounds of apples. If together they can peel 600 pounds of apples in 8 hours, then how long would it take John to peel the apples working alone?
Solving Equations


x^2+9x-10=0 How to find X?

How to find X? The zero is really confusing me there.
Solving Equations


3^x+1=475 What would x be?

Really confused on how to solve this problem. thanks :)
Solving Equations


Solve. -np - 80 < 60 for n

-np - 80 < 60 for n
Solving Equations


Brenda has 95 cents in nickels and dimes. There are 13 coins altogether. How many of each does she have?

This question comes from a lesson called Solving Problems Using Equations
Solving Equations Math Calculus Writing Function Rule


find the equation if The maximum value of g is g(-1)=6, and g(-3)=4

this is a writing quadratic function problem.HELP
Solving Equations


solve for k

If  8k = 4/9 then what is k
Solving Equations


What is X?Thanks

(3/x-2)+(5/x)=4/x thanks again!
Solving Equations


How can you find the answer for this one?


|2x + 1| = 3

Solve the inequality. Express the answer using interval notation.


x^(3/2) - 14x^(1/2) + 49x^(-1/2) = 0

find all real solutions.

absolute value equations

Solve the equations:|x|= x^2+x-24|x+1|=x^2-5


solving equations with rational exponents

I'm having a little trouble solving equations when there is a rational exponent. Would you be able to explain how to do the following? (x+3)^2/3 = 8 (x^2-5)^3/2=27 3x(x-1)^1/2 + 2(x-1)^3/2=0
Solving Equations Equation Square Root Radical


solving an equation with a radical

solve the equation: the square root of x+2 - the square root of 2x+3 = -1
Solving Equations Equation Square Root Radical


solving an equation with a radical

what are the solutions to the equation: the square root of x+5 + the square root of x-5 = 10

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