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(x-5)^2/3=64 rational exponents

Solve the equation with rational exponents

What’s the answer of 5x^(2/3) -25=0 ? Is it +5sqrt(5) or +-5sqrt(5)

I have this question in my head when the teacher said it’s +-5sqrt(5) while WolframAlpha said that it’s +5sqrt(5). The main problem is what’s the value of (-1)^(2/3)? I plugged this in Google and... more

How do I solve this Quadratic Equation

(-x-5/12 y2/15)6(-5x1/6y1/5)-3

Which expression is equivalent to x^-5/3?

A. 1/5 sqrt of x^3 B. 1/3 sqrt of x^5 C. Sqrt of -3 x^5 D. Sqrt of -5 x^3

find the rational number which when multiplied by 3/7sq. give the product 81/343

find the rational number which when multiplied by 3/72 give the product 31/343

How and What do I do to start?

Meteorologists can determine the duration of a storm by using the function defined by T(D)=0.07 D exponent 3/2, where D is the diameter of the storm in miles and I is the time in hours. Find the... more

solving equations with rational exponents

I'm having a little trouble solving equations when there is a rational exponent. Would you be able to explain how to do the following? (x+3)^2/3 = 8 (x^2-5)^3/2=27 3x(x-1)^1/2 + 2(x-1)^3/2=0

Use rational exponents to write a single radical expression.

Use rational exponents to write a single radical expression.   x^8/15 X y^1/7 x^1/3 X y^-1/5

Simplify the rational exponents


Simplify the rational exponents

b^1/2 · b^−3/4/b^1/4

Simplify the rational exponents


Simplify the rational exponents

x^1/9 · x^−4/9

Simplify the rational exponents

Simplify. (If the solution is not a real number, enter NOT REAL.)(125/27)^-2/3

Write in simplest form


I'm confused..

The total wages W in a metropolitan area compared to it's population p can be approximated by a power function of the form W=a*p^(9/8) where a is a constant. About how many times as great does the... more

What is a rational exponent?

What is a rational exponent? How are rational exponents related to radicals? Give an example of how an expression with a rational exponent can be rewritten as a radical expression, and simplify the... more

How would I simplify 25^(3/2), leaving it as a fraction, not a whole number?

Essentially the goal is to simplify 25^(3/2), and leave the answer as a fraction. I always end up with a whole number. Any assistance regarding this would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

How do I write -B^-2/3 using radical form?

From what I understand, the integers must be positive before you can convert this unit to radical form. The Answer I get when I worked it out is as follows: 3√-B^-2 I recognize my error could be... more

Rewrite the rational exponent as a radical expression.3 to the 2 over 3 power, to the 1 over 6 power

subject: use the rational exponent convert into radical expresssio

rational exponents nth roots (3 ^(1/3)) ^(2/5)

rational exponents nth roots HOW DO YOU GET THE ANSWER FOR THIS?   (3 ^(1/3)) ^(2/5)

What Is 18 raised to the 1/4 power times 12 raised to the 1/2 power

I need to be shown how to do this please please please!!

How do you solve (2^-3)^-3

numbers with negative exponents and parentheses both addition and multiplication of the base numbers in parentheses and with combinations of positive and negative exponenets outside the parentheses.

I am working with rational exponents. I have to answer with positive exponents. y 6/7 over y 3/7.

I am working with rational exponents. I have to answer with positive exponents. y 6/7 over y 3/7. y 6/7 ____________ y 3/7

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