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1. z=(x+y/3)w; solving for y 2. A=1/2bcd+bc; solving for d

I just started Algebra. I am in the unit called "Literal Equations and Formulas". These problems are difficult for me, and I just need a bit of help! Thanks so much if you do help me :) please... more
Solving Equations



Solve equation
Solving Equations


solve the following equations. 3x^2-5x+2=0. x^-x=20. x-1=6/x. x^4-5x^2+4=0. 9x^4-13x^2+4=0

i really need help (again).... i understand how to factorize now and even solve but i dont know how to solve an equation with a number infront of the first variable or the steps to solve the rest.... more
Solving Equations


solving equations

solve equation and than graph the solution
Solving Equations Trigonometry


How do you prove this?

Is sin2xsinx-cosx = -(3root3)/2 true for 7pi/6? Explain.
Solving Equations


4x-3/3 - 6x-3/5 = 2

I am not sure how to solve this.
Solving Equations Math Equations Math Help


Helppppp Please ( solving system of equations)

3x+4y=9 4x-37=-13
Solving Equations Conic Sections


do to an incendent i suppose to do the following to help.....

Solving Equations


write 12X2-96X+197 in this form a(x+k)2+M

Both number twos are squared. I know the answer is 12(x-4)2+5. the number 2 is squared. can you show me how to work out please .thank you
Solving Equations


2X2+3X=20 Complete the square

Solve by completing the square. The Number two after the X is squared. I know the answer is x=-4 or X=5/2 could you please show how to get that.
Solving Equations


What is the area of a box with that is 3x*2x+xy? But there are two empty boxes in that box that are x*x. 2 of them.

So it would be 3x*2x+xy   -2x for the two boxes that are x*x
Solving Equations


What is the growth for -2x-3y+1=-x-4y+4?

What is the growth, also could you tell me a way to find the growth with similar problems?
Solving Equations


0=-28+24x-20y 6y=10x solve system by elimination

solve system by elimination
Solving Equations


-8x-5y=10 5x-15y=30 solve by elimination

solve by elimination
Solving Equations


(e^x)-2+(e^-x)=0I know the answer is x=0, but I don't know how to show the process algebraically.

I am suppose to solve for x. I know the answer is x=0, but I am having problems algebraically solving. Do get the exponents on one side and then get rid of the exponents?
Solving Equations Combing Like Terms



solving equations
Solving Equations


How do you simplify and solve equations?

I am in 7th grade and I just learned how to solve equations. I am absolutely stumped. I need help sand I forgot my book in my locker.

equation help

If I give you an equation will you help me try to figure it out? I use to be quite proficient w/math in grade school and just never used the modern math or algebra once I was out of K12, and now... more
Solving Equations


i need some help on algebra 1 solving equations 15x+30=90 can you tell me the answer please

hi im steven and i need some help on algebra 1 please thanks
Solving Equations



need help so I may assist my daughter with her homework
Solving Equations Math


Pleas help me

hello i need help to solve 4^x=3^x+1 i can't find out how to do it i know that i have to use LOG but how??? could you help me step by step?? Jakob
Solving Equations



Solving Equations Algebra


i was wondering for this equation 12a^2-13a-35 equals (12a^2-28)(15-35)

and can i have the steps to figure out the answers  
Solving Equations


5(3(4) + 2) to the 2nd power

5(3(4) + 2) to the 2nd power

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