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What are the dimensions of a rectangle whose length is 4 more than twice the width and whose perimeter is 3 less than 7 times the width ?

I need answer plz !Ps. The answer need to be with only one variable !
Solving Equations


Solving 2 step equations

You have already walked 5 miles of an 18-mile trail. If you walk the rest of the trail at a pace of 1 mile in 17 minutes, how many hours will it take you to finish the trail?


Solve each equation for the indicated variable.

(x/a)+(y/b)+(z/c)=1   for a.
Solving Equations


Solve equation by completing the square x^2+9x+c

X^2 +9x+c
Solving Equations


a rectangular box has a height of 7 inches and a volume of 336 cubic inches. the lenght of the box is three times the width.

write a equation that represents the volume
Solving Equations Solving For Variables


How to find x? The

(X+5)/4 + (X-2)/3 = 7    
Solving Equations Algebra Equation


Determine the perimeter equation for the following rectangle in terms of x.

If the perimeter is 24 meters, calculate the value of x. - one of the short sides is 3x-2. -one of the long sides is 4x.
Solving Equations Algebra Equations


A triangle has angle measurements related as follows:

-The largest angle is 12 times the smallest angle -The middle angle is 5 times the smallest angle Find the measures of the angles. Provide a step-by-step discussion regarding how you would solve... more
Solving Equations Algebra Equation


John has $23.65 to spend on a book and magazines. The book costs $5.95. The magazines cost $2.95 each.

a) write an equation that models the number of magazines that john can afford. b)solve the equation.
Solving Equations


Help in this

This is the fourth time to share this question and no answers Here is it and i found an answer but i can't understand any thing neither the question nor the answer so i need help please and if... more
Solving Equations


i need help!

A two-digit number ,the sum of its digits is 11 if the two digits are reversed,then the resulted number is 27 more than the original number what is the original number?i need a detailed answer... more
Solving Equations


I need Help!!

the hypotenuse length of a right angled triangle is 10cm and the length of the two sides of the right angle are x and y cm. if the perimeter =24 find the area  i tried using pythagoras and... more
Solving Equations


find the number of sold tickets from each kind.

In a party of a school,290 tickets of the party had been sold.if the selling price to the student in the school is one pound and for his guest the selling price is 3 pounds .the selling price for... more
Solving Equations


can i have this one with steps please? I know the answer is -2 but im not sure

√x+6 + √2-x=0 
Solving Equations


can someone do this with steps please?

solve each equation. 16x^4-41x^2+25=04x^-2+5x^-1+1=0
Solving Equations


The cost to get team jerseys for the WBHS Math Team is a $50 printing fee plus an additional $12 per jersey.

Write an equation for y, the total cost of the jerseys, in terms of x, the number of jerseys made. How much money would the total cost be if there were 20 members of the math team? Show the... more
Solving Equations Math Word Problem


Jack is 5 years older than Sarah. In 3 years, jack will be twice as old as sarah. How old are they now

Jack is 5 years older than Sarah. In 3 years, jack will be twice as old as sarah. How old are they now? what variable equation would u use to answer this?
Solving Equations Algebra Word Problem Decimals


Theo made a donation to a charity.

His grandfather agreed to add $4.00 to Theo's donation amount and then donate half of that sum. Theo's grandfather donated $4.25. Write and solve an equation to find the amount of Theo's donation.
Solving Equations


Find the solutions to the following equation: (x2 − 81)(x + 5) = 0

Find the solutions to the following equation: (x2 − 81)(x + 5) = 0
Solving Equations


Max is 33. Suzanne's age (in years) is twice his age. He wondered on which birthday his age was 1/4 of her age (in years)?

Use an equation to solve this problem, and provide an explanation
Solving Equations Quadratic Formula


When will the object hit the ground after it is launched? Explain how you found your answer

An object is launched from the ground. The object’s height, in feet, can be described by the quadratic function h(t) = 80t – 16t2, where t is the time, in seconds, since the object was launched.
Solving Equations


Solving an equation two ways

Solve √5-x=2x both graphically and algebraically. 

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