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Solving Inequalities Math


18.99+x<24 what is the solution of the inequality?

It costs $ for a round-trip bus ticket to the mall. You have $24. Select an inequality that represents how much money you can spend for the bus fare and still have enough to buy the baseball cap.... more
Solving Inequalities Prealgebra


solving inequalities

Solve the inequality: – 3 – 6 (4x + 6) ≤ -111
Solving Inequalities


A salesperson earns $200 per week plus a commission equal to .04 times her sales.

im not sure
Solving Inequalities Algebra 2 Help Asap Please


would "lx-4lLess than 3" be written as an "and" or "Or"

if so why? I really need help.
Solving Inequalities


Twice a number increased by 4 is at least 10 more than the number

Define a variable, write an inequality, and solve each problem. Check your solution.    
Solving Inequalities


three fourths of a number decreased by nine is at least 42

i need help solving
Solving Inequalities Geometry


The length of a rectangular yard is 30 meters. The perimeter is at most 90 meters. Describe the width of the yard.

 Solve each word problem by writing an inequality
Solving Inequalities


The product of 6 and a number is less than 20

What inequality r the sentence
Solving Inequalities


Solving iniquities

six plus the quotient of four times the number and seven is not equal to fourteen 
Solving Inequalities


Solving iniquities

four less than three times a number is less than twenty-five 
Solving Inequalities


what is 2k squared plus k

Solving Inequalities


Solve the equation 60=34h.

I have to find the answer to solving inequalities.
Solving Inequalities Inequalties


Solving Inequalities

Please show the steps to solve the following inequalities.   1) (x2 + x - 12)/x ≥ 0   2) 1/x > -1/4    3) (x + 12)/(x + 7) < 7    Also what is the difference between {and} and {or}... more


Solve the following inequalities: a. |-2x+4|-5<10 b. 7+2|2-7x|>9

I'm not sure if I'm doing this right    For a. I got x>11/-2   or    x<19/2     interval notation:  (-infinity, infinity)   For b. I got   x<1/7     or     x>3/7      interval... more
Solving Inequalities


Solving inequalities word problem

One month Debra rented 2 movies and 5 video games for a total of $33. The next month she rented 8 movies and 3 video games for a total of $30. Find the rental cost for each movie and each video game.
Solving Inequalities


Solving system of inequalities with a word problem.

A family has two cars. The first car has a fuel efficiency of 25 miles per gallon of gas and the second has a fuel efficiency of 30 miles per gallon of gas. During one particular week, the two cars... more
Solving Inequalities Variable Inequality Solution


Marcus needs to bike st least 80 miles if he already biked 25 this week how many miles should he bike on each of the 5 remaining days this week

Marcus needs to ride his bike at least 80 miles this week if he already biked 25 this week how many mules should he bike each of his remaining days this week
Solving Inequalities


write and solve an equation

call a lot has started making a prototype cellphone. the screen measure four inches by five inches and will be surrounded by a border of uniform width. they wants each phone to have a total area (... more
Solving Inequalities


Write inequalities to represent the situation below

The cargo of the truck weighs no more than 2,200 pounds
Solving Inequalities


Solving inequalities

can you graph 6<10?
Solving Inequalities


Frankie drives at most 65 miles per hour fpr 5 hours. If m is the number of miles she has traveled, which inequality is true?

I need to figure out how to solve this word problem as an inequality to find out which inequality is true. Answers: a. M <325 b. M <325 c. M >325 d. M >325 e. M <5 (325)
Solving Inequalities


I want to know the simplified version of this sentence its for my math project for Solving inequalities.

To solve an inequality, use the properties of inequality to isolate the variable with a coefficient of 1 on one side of the inequality symbol. Then graph the solution on a number line to model the... more
Solving Inequalities


How would you solve this inequality


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