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Solving For Variables


How do you solve for both x and y in this equation?

Equation: 2x - 3y = x + 20
Solving For Variables


How can i solve for x, Y = -0.471*exp (-0.004*x) +0.205

How can I solve the above equation for x?
Solving For Variables


solving variables

S+4t= r for s
Solving For Variables Algebra Solve Equation Solving Equations


Solve each equation for the indicated variable.

(x/a)+(y/b)+(z/c)=1   for a.
Solving For Variables Solving Equations


How to find x? The

(X+5)/4 + (X-2)/3 = 7    
Solving For Variables Linear Equations Grade 9


Jane has 75 coins in her piggy bank filled with dimes and quarters. if Jane a total of $11.25 in her piggy bank ,how many of each type of coin does she have?

This is grade 9 Academic math! it is also solving for a variable! It may end up as an expression instead of an equation.  
Solving For Variables


low pay can cause honest people to steal true or false

Am just curios why people steal cause if they work y do it may be is beacause is not enough to buy what tgey need  
Solving For Variables


last step of variable equation

I have solved the beginning of an equation, but can't find the final answer. Here is what I have:   79a = 42   79a/79 = 42/79   a = ?   Please help.
Solving For Variables Equations


How do you solve if there are no numbers inserted?

Solve for the indicated variable:   A. V=1/3(3.14)2h          for h   B. S= a+b+c                for a              3
Solving For Variables


2x+3 is less than 6x+7 /3

2x+3>6x+7 /3   6x+7 is over the 3   please help!
Solving For Variables Graphing Solutions


x/4+6 1/4 is less than 7 1/2

you also have to graph the solution    x/4+6 1/4>7 1/2    and solving for x     please help!
Solving For Variables


5r=S+2/3 solve for S

s+2 is over the 3  
Solving For Variables


solving for variables

I am learning about solving for variables,the equation is "y= -3/7x-9" solving for X and the answer I got was "x=-7/3y-21" so my question is, how did they get to this answer?

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