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SAT #17 Reading (Questions 47 & 48)

Based on Passage 2, Meltzer and his team relied on what evidence to challenge the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis?


SAT #17 Reading (Question 43)

Which choice provides the best support for the claim that the impact hypothesis is not the only possible explanation for the sudden change in Earth’s climate?


SAT #17 Reading (Questions 40-41)

In the passage, Burke displays the greatest respect for which of the following?


SAT #17 Reading (Question 36)

Based on the passage, Burke believes that French leaders who would advocate moderate positions are [...]?


SAT #17 Reading (Questions 33-34)

It can reasonably be inferred from the passage that Burke is particularly upset with the National Assembly’s decision to [...]?
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Applied math- Scale

A pet store designs fish tanks that are in the shape of a rectangular prism. The small tank has a capacity of 1920 cu in. The scale factor that relates the dimensions of the small tank to the... more
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Applied Math- Scale

Problem to solve:Saara is hosting a BBQ. She requires the following.20 hamburgers with buns24 hot dogs with buns6 lbs potato salad60 bottles of water6 watermelons8 L ice creamShe only has time to... more
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I need your HELP!!!!- Applied math

Applied math- Inequality A street vendor sells hot dogs and buffalo burgers. A hot dog costs the vendor $0.80 and the buffalo burger costs the vendor $1.25. The hot dog occupies 240 cm3 in space... more


SAT #17 Reading (Question 31)

Which statement about reflectance patterns in Monotropsis odorata is best supported by the data presented in figure 1?


SAT #17 Reading (Question 26-27)

It can most reasonably be inferred from the passage that the nutrient requirements of many plants have the consequence of [...]?


SAT #17 Reading (Question 24)

The passage indicates that compared with other functions of coloration in plants, camouflage in plants has [...]?


SAT #17 Reading (Questions 18 & 19)

Based on the passage, which action would most likely reduce political extremism among the citizenry?


SAT #17 Reading (Questions 16-17)

The passage implies that when conducting his laboratory work, Fernbach would have been most surprised by which finding [...]?


SAT #17 Reading (Question 12)

Over the course of the passage, the main focus shifts from [...]?


SAT #17 Reading (Question 10)

In line 97, the word ‘benediction’ primarily serves to [...]?


SAT #17 Reading (Question 9)

Based on the passage, it can reasonably be inferred that Celia tells the narrator about leaving Panama (lines 91-96) primarily to [...]?


SAT #17 Reading (Question 1)

The description of Celia’s apartment in lines 9-20 is primarily intended to [...]?


SAT #16 Reading (Question 51)

Based on data in the figure, which choice is a reasonable conclusion about lunar glass bead green #5?


SAT #16 Reading (Question 46)

As used in line 44, ‘resolve’ most nearly means [...]?


SAT #16 Reading (Questions 44-45)

It can reasonably be inferred from the passage that the idea that the Moon was completely arid was reinforced in part because [...]?


SAT #16 Reading (Question 41)

The speeches of Luthuli (Passage 1) and Macmillan (Passage 2) differ in their approach to social change in that [...]?


SAT #16 Reading (Questions 37-38)

In Passage 2, Macmillan presents his argument to the South African government by [...]?


SAT #16 Reading (Question 33)

Luthuli refers to ‘very nice and pretty phrases’ (line 17) primarily to show that language is being used in order to [...]?


SAT #16 Reading (Questions 30 & 31)

As presented in the passage, the researchers make which assumptions about the bionic leaf that has yet to be substantiated?


SAT #16 Reading (Question 25)

The main purpose of the second paragraph (lines 16-31) is to [...]?

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