121 Answered Questions for the topic SAT preparation


SAT #16 Reading (Question 22)

The primary purpose of the passage is to [...]?


SAT #16 Reading (Question 15)

In lines 61-64, the author includes the quotation from Borgonovi most likely to [...]?


SAT #16 Reading (Questions 16 & 17)

The author most strongly suggests that people who perform altruistic acts benefit partly because of [...]?


SAT #16 Reading (Question 14)

If true, which finding of a survey of the general population would most undermine the author’s interpretation of Lyubomirsky’s study?


SAT #15 Reading (Questions 47 & 48)

The passage suggests that if Seydel had planted wheat or corn on the two agricultural strips in Hartmann’s experiment, the percentage of the surface of each strip covered with weeds would likely... more


SAT #15 Reading (Question 46)

Which choice best supports the idea that seeds present in the fields plowed at night are exposed to some amount of light?


SAT #15 Reading (Question 43)

According to the passage, exposure to light allows seeds to [...]?


SAT #15 Reading (Question 39)

In developing their respective arguments, Beveridge (Passage 1) and Bryan (Passage 2) both express admiration for the [...]?


SAT #15 Reading (Questions 36 & 37)

It can reasonably be inferred from Passage 2 that Bryan considers the preference for national sovereignty over foreign rule to be a [...]?


SAT #15 Reading (Question 34)

In the second paragraph of Passage 1 (lines 24-37), the commands given by Beveridge mainly serve to [...]?


SAT #15 Reading (Question 33)

“In Passage 1, Beveridge asserts that the resources and immensity of the United States constitute a [...]?”


SAT #15 Reading (Question 28)

The sentence in lines 40-42 (“But … mystifying”) serves mainly to [...]?


SAT #15 (Questions 26 & 27)

Which conclusion is best supported by the findings of Olausson’s 1993 experiment?


SAT #15 Reading (Questions 22 & 23)

Based on the passage, textbook authors in the early 1990’s would most likely have expected which condition to result from the blocking of fast fibers?


SAT #15 Reading (Question 21)

Based on figure 2, the engineers surveyed were most skeptical of the idea that in the event of a reallocation of road space, drivers would change [...]?


SAT #15 Reading (Question 17)

According to the passage, reducing commuting time for drivers can have which of the following effects?


SAT #15 Reading (Question 15 & 16)

Based on the passage, how would the author most likely characterize many attempts to improve traffic?


SAT #14 Reading (Question 51)

According to the figure, which choice is a possible redshift of a galaxy made of stars that formed during the cosmic dawn?


SAT #14 Reading (Question 44)

Based on the passage, what can reasonably be inferred about galaxies billions of years ago?


SAT #14 Reading (Question 42)

Over the course of the passage, the main focus shifts from [...]?


SAT #14 Reading (Question 40)

Sumner would most likely fault the “simple question” (lines 36-37) proposed by Douglas in Passage 1 for being [...]?


SAT #14 Reading (Questions 35 & 36)

One of Sumner’s central claims in Passage 2 is that the Kansas-Nebraska Bill had the effect of [...]?


SAT #14 Reading (Question 32 & 33)

In Passage 1, Douglas implies that legislators’ consideration of the bill he has proposed has been clouded by the [...]?


SAT #14 Reading (Questions 23 & 24)

The passage suggests that some scientists would agree with which statement about the domestication of cats?


SAT #14 Reading (Question 22)

The author includes the phrase ‘and, well’ (line 4) most likely to [...]?

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