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Help, lost in this question

A rock falls from a tower. As it is falling, its height, h, is given by h = 78.4t – 4.9t² with t in seconds. How many seconds will it take for the rock to hit the ground?

Algebra 2 Question

If two polynomial equations have real solutions, then will the equation that is the result of adding, subtracting, or multiplying the two polynomial equations also have real solutions? Will the... more

a smart phone

A smart-phone is thrown upwards from the top of a 480-foot building with an initial velocity of 16 feet per second. The height h of the smart-phone after t seconds is given by the quadratic... more

math question

A small toy rocket is launched from a 30-foot pad. The height (h, in feet) of the rocket t seconds after taking off is given by the formula h= -2x2 -4x + 30    How long will it take the rocket to... more

What is the only ordered pair of real numbers (x,y) that satisfies 7^x-11y=0 and 11^x-7y=0

If possible please include steps and work instead of just the answer.

Trick to solve polynomial equations from given roots faster?????

 So, we were writing polynomial equations from given roots. My teacher said their was a pattern that could help you solve it in a minute. What is that pattern?

Find an nth degree polynomial function with real coefficients satisfying the given conditions

n=3     -2, and -2+3i are zeros   leading coefficient is 1

Determine the dimensions of the box

the length of a child's jewellery box is 3 times its width and is 8 cm more than its height. the box has a capacity of 525 cm3. determine the dimensions of the box

Polynomial equation

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels continue to increase and are suspected to contribute to global warming. The solution to the polynomial equation: x3-380x2+2x-760=0 gives the record high amount... more

What's the total number of possible integer solutions for this equation?

If k is a positive integer less than 17, what's the total number of possible integer solutions for the equation x2+8x+k=0?

Find a polynomial of degree 3 with real coefficients and zeros of -3,-1 and 4 for which f(-2)=24

find a polynomial of degree 3 with real coefficients and zeros of -3, -1 and 4, for which f(-2)=24

Solving Polynomial Equations. -8x^3-13x^2+6x=0. Please help me :D.

Having trouble with this one.

I need to interpolate dataset into a 7 th-degree polynomial

I need to interpolate the following dataset into a 7 th-degree polynomial:x=[1,2,3,4,5,6,7]y=[26,10,29,43,38,30,47]My real problem is the fact that point [4,43] is given as a local max.I need to... more

Solving Polynomial Equations. Solve 64x^3+8=0.

Please help.

Solving Polynomial Equations. Solve x^3-27=0.

Please help.

Making A Box Word Problem Polynomial equations

a rectangular box is to be formed by cutting squares from each corner of a rectangular piece of tin and folding up the sides. the box is to be 3 inches high, th legnth is to be twice the width, and... more

determine wehter each binomial is a factor of x^3+3x^2-10x-24

 x+4  x-3  x+6

Solve the following polynomial equation


Solve this its urgent

If the sum of zeroes of p(x)=x^2-8x+k is 40, the find out k?   Its urgent answer this soon plzzz

Algebra 2 help please :( Polynomials

N=4, -4, 1/3, & 2+3i are zeros f(1)=100 

what are the range and domain of the function f(x)=3x^9+x^3+x^2+3x?

 find the range and domain of this polynomial equation

Prove that (x+1/x)(x^2+1/x^2)(x^4+1/x^4)(x^8+1/x^8) = x^32-1 / x^15(x^2-1)

Prove that (x+1/x)(x^2+1/x^2)(x^4+1/x^4)(x^8+1/x^8) = x^32-1 / x^15(x^2-1)

Polynomial Homework Help!!

I have another question now... I've tried doing it different ways, but I'm just not sure. I'm looking for an explanation, not just an answer, please :) It's like this:   Suppose two brothers each... more

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