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10 Answered Questions for the topic Intermediate Value Theorem

Intermediate Value Theorem Polynomials Pre Calculus


Use the intermediate value theorem to show that the polynomial has a real zero between the given integers?

f(x)= x^3-x-4; between 1 and 7
Intermediate Value Theorem College Algebra Polynomials


Use the Intermediate Value Theorem to confirm that the given polynomial has at least one zero within the given interval.

Use the Intermediate Value Theorem to confirm that the given polynomial has at least one zero within the given interval.f(x) = x5 − 3x ,between x = 1 and x = 2Substitute x = 1 and x = 2 into the... more
Intermediate Value Theorem Calculus


Intermediate Value Theorem: Calculus

By the intermediate value theorem, the equation x4+3x3−x=4 has a solution in which of the following intervals?   a. [−1,0] b. [−2,−1] c. [1,2] d. [0,1]
Intermediate Value Theorem


Intermediate Value Theorem

For which integer value of n does the Intermediate Value Theorem guarantee that f(x)=(x^3)+2x+4 has a zero in the interval [(n/2),((n+1)/2)]
Intermediate Value Theorem Roots Math Problem


Root existence for a function

I want to prove that the following f(x) always has a root. Due to periodicity, it would have many roots if there exist one. Can anybody help me with this? I tried to use intermediate value theorem... more
Intermediate Value Theorem


The intermediate value theorem for a starting point

F(x)=x^5-6x^4-15x^3+50x^2+54x-84 lies between x=2.4 and 2.5 use the intermediate theorem to isolate the x value of this solution within 0.01
Intermediate Value Theorem Calculus


f(x)=x^12-x^8+x^2016 show that there is some real number 0<x<1, such that f(x)=0

You're supposed to use intermediate value theorem, but I'm having trouble because f(0)=0 and I can't find another number to equal 0
Intermediate Value Theorem


help with intermediate value theorem question

Can someone please help me with this I dont know much about Intermediate Value Theorem could anyone please explain it to me so i can understand what exactly is being asked.     For f (x) = x3 –... more
Intermediate Value Theorem Continuity And Limits Limits And Derivatives


Use the Intermediate Value Theroem to solve

A monk leaves the monastery at 7:00 am and takes his usual path to the top of the mountain, arriving at 7:00 pm. the following morning, he starts at 7:00 am at the top and takes the same path back... more
Intermediate Value Theorem Trigonometry Trigonometric Identities


Difficulty with the Intermediate Value Thereom

True or False and explain: there is at least one point x between 0 and π/2 where cos(x)+sin(x)=x^2.   Should I try plugging in the two numbers given into the equation or do I need to simplify the... more

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