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asked • 01/18/23

Below are symptoms of a patient related to Cardiovascular System.

  1. Identify all anatomical structures related to and/or that are being affected based on the patient case information. (i.e. tissues, organs, vessels, brain components, membranes)
  2. Explain how the anatomical structures and their physiological function/dysfunction are interrelated normally and what is going wrong with the structures in this current patient case information.
  3. Identify and explain possible a diagnosis and what can be done to fix or reverse the current situation described in the patient case information. 

Patient Case (Initial Review):

  1. Uncle Jake and Aunt Leah were playing golf last week. On the sixth hole, Jake told Leah that he was having unusual pain in his left arm and chest. All of a sudden he felt weak and complained his shirt was much too tight. A dentist playing one hole behind them examined Jake and found he was short of breath, pale, and sweating. He called 911 on his cell phone and told Jake to lie down and wait for the ambulance. The paramedics rushed Jake to the hospital where he was evaluated by a cardiologist.
  2. Preliminary observations:

Height: 5’ 11”

Weight 260 lbs

Blood pressure: 155/100 mmHg

Troponin levels: High

Creatine Kinase - MB levels: High

O2 Sat: 98%

Heart Rate: Bradycardia


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Raven S.

Very Informational, Thank you so much for the help!


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