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Mathematical pendulums

the periods of oscillations of n different pendulums (mathematical) are T1, T2, ..., Tn. The strings of these pendulums are joint into one without length loss and I got a new pendulum. Find its... more
Pendulums Physics


What is the effect on the period of a pendulum...

What is the effect on the period of a pendulum if you decrease its length by 3.65%? (Answer this question in terms of the initial period T.) T' = ? T  


What will happen if we change rigid bar to elastic bar in pendulum movement

in pendulum movement, we usually see the ball tied to rigid bar what if we change the rigid bar into something solid with a little bit of flexible ability, what will happen?
Pendulums Math


the number of swings back and forth of a pendulum of length in inches each minute is 375/sqrt L.

About how many swings will a 40-inch pendulum make each minute? can you please show the steps so that next time I can do it on my own?


sinusoidal function question?

i really don't understand this question can someone help me 3. A scientist recorded the movement of a pendulum for 10 s. The scientist began recording when the pendulum was at its resting... more
Pendulums Physics Mass Period


What size mass would you put on a spring (k = 17.6 N/m) so it would oscillate with the same period as a 0.45 m long pendulum? (Use 9.81 m/s2 for g).

Report your answer:in terms of kg. Do not include units in your answer. They will be assumed to be kg.to a precision of hundredths of a kg. Use a format like #.## in your answer.to an accuracy of... more
Pendulums Physics Period


The period of a 4.202 m long pendulum on planet Zenix is 4.115 s. What is g on planet Zenix?

Report your answer in:in terms of m/s2. Do not include units in your answer. They will be assumed to be m/s2.to a precision of hundreths of a m/s2. Use a format like #.## in your answer.to an... more


power and force on a pendulum

a pendulum of mass 1 kg and length 1 m is released from rest at angle 60 degree. The power delivered by all the forces acting on a bob at angle 30 degree is


Pendulum related doubts

Two simple pendulums of length 100cm and 121cm length start swinging together. (Note : Swing together means same phase)   (A) they will swing together again when the pendulum of length 100cm... more
Pendulums Math Science Physics


How long will it take for this hanging mass to return to the zero angle?

Hello, I'm taking a summer course in college physics and am reviewing some practice questions to prepare for my oncoming exam. I'd really appreciate some help on this question that I'm not sure... more

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