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Forces And Motion Science Physics Physical Science


Very hard hanging rod problem

A straight rod of 30 cm and 600 g mass is horizontally hanged on two upright, parallel and light threads, both of them attached with distances of 5 cm and 10 cm from its ends. Find tension forces... more
Forces And Motion


A cyclist averages 50 m/s. If the course is 80,000 m long, how many seconds will it take to complete the course?

How many seco will it take to complete the course 
Forces And Motion Mechanics Work Forces


Mechanics Question - Finding speed reduction time

A car of mass 1000 kg has its speed reduced from 81 km/h to 54 km/h by brakesproducing a force of 1250 N. How long does this take? Determine the work done bythe brakes on the car. Determine... more
Forces And Motion Physics Kinetic Friction Forces


A 2kg block is resting on a rough incline which is at a 30 degree angle.

Which is larger, the normal force or the force of friction?
Forces And Motion Physics


How would I find acceleration from distance and velocity?

My question is: a 99 kg water skier floating in a lake is pulled from rest to a speed of 11 m/s in a distance of 25 m. What is the net force exerted on the skier, assuming his acceleration is... more
Forces And Motion Physics


Finding Distance Using Mass and Force

In a grocery store, you push a 17.5 kg shopping cart with a force of 12.0 N. If the cart starts at rest, how far does it move in 3.00 s?   How would I solve this? It's for an online class I'm... more
Forces And Motion


what will happen to the acceleration of the rocket as it burn its fuel?

Rockets burn fuel to give them the thrust needed to accelerate. As the fuel burns the mass of the rocket gets smaller. Assuming that the rocket motors provide a constant thrust force, what will... more
Forces And Motion Physics Forces Collision


Impulse and force

I've been stuck on this question forever and I keep getting it wrong :( Please help!   A truck of mass 3 tonnes is travelling at 105km/h when it hits a car of mass 1.5 tonne travelling in the... more
Forces And Motion Science Physics Acceleration


Calculating acceleration of a braking car.

A 1.5 tonne car travelling at 100km/h suddenly brakes. The brakes provide an overall force of 50 times the normal reaction. Calculate the acceleration of the car.
Forces And Motion Science Physics Velocity


Calculating momentum, velocity, impulse and force.

A car (m=900kg) travelling at 70km/h hits a pedestrian (m=60kg) who is travelling at 1m/s in the same direction. After the collision the car has a velocity of 30km/h in the same direction it was... more
Forces And Motion Science Physics Forces


Calculating forces given mass, acceleration and time

A 650kg car travelling 5m/s1 NORTH EAST turns so that it is travelling 4m/s1 NORTH in 2 seconds. Calculate the magnitude of the force required to make such a turn.
Forces And Motion


The small piston of a hydraulic lift has an area of 0.20 m^2. A car weighing 1.20 x le N sits on a rack mounted on the large piston.

The large piston has an area of 0.90 m2. How large a force must be applied to the small piston to support the car?
Forces And Motion


(a) what maximum force can be exerted by the string on the 10.0-kg block without causing the 5.00-kg block to slip? (b) Use the system approach to calculate the

A block of mass m = 5.00 kg rides on top of a second block of mass M = 10.0 kg. A person attaches a string to the bottom block and pulls the system horizontally across a frictionless surface, as in... more
Forces And Motion


force and motion

Consider two displacements, one of magnitude 3 m and another of magnitude 4 m. What angle between the directions of this two displacements give a resultant displacement of magnitude (a) 7 m, (b) 1... more
Forces And Motion


Motion, Forces, and Energy

I have a couple questions - list 3 things that a force can do -how does mass affect the acceleration rate as something falls -what causes terminal velocity -what affect does mass have on the... more
Forces And Motion Physics Forces Force


Explaining physics

A girl twirls a key chain in a circle if she twirls it faster, she finds that she holds the chain tighter. Explain why this is necessary.   I think it's that she has to hold the chain tighter... more
Forces And Motion


Whats the speed of the wind? and whats the speed of the plane in still air?

a plane takes two hours to travel 1000 miles with the wind. in the same time, it can travel only 808 miles against the wind.
Forces And Motion Math Science Physics


Physics: Multiple Choice:

Because of friction pendulum clocks need a small driving force, if accidentally it was too large of a driving force and caused a bit too large of an angle of oscillation to be formed what would... more
Forces And Motion Magnitude, Direction, Vector


A stone throw horizontally from the top of a wall with a velocity of 15m/s, hits the ground at a point of 45m from the wall. Find the time of the flight

"A stone throw horizontally from the top of a vertical wall with a velocity of 15m/s, hits the horizontal ground at a point of 45m from the base of the wall. Calculate 1)Time of flight of the... more
Forces And Motion


A 6.5kg box is pushed across the floor and accelerates 1 m/s^2. The force of friction was 5 Newtons. How much applied force did the person use?

 A 6.5kg box is pushed across the floor and accelerates 1 m/s^2. The force of friction was 5 Newtons. How much applied force did the person use?
Forces And Motion Distance Mass Motion


Force and Motion

How does mass affect distance over time?
Forces And Motion


acceleration and force

if you have a hammer hitting a stake into the ground why will the acceleration of the hammer be less than the acceleration of the stake....   a.  the force of the hammer is greater than the force... more
Forces And Motion


Density of mass

Mass is 500g  Mass is perfect 2cm cube  What is the density?  Is it gold?
Forces And Motion


identify given and unknown info

top of refrig has an area of .06m2   Height of frig is 180cm    What volume does it occupy in cubic meters. identify given and unknown info. show formuls.  what is unknown variable?
Forces And Motion


forces and nature

submarine window can withstand a force of 30000N window is circular with radius of 0.5m  What will pressure have to be to induce such a force? show work please

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