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Math word problem help

a total of 30$ was placed in four envelopes, a different amount in each one. Money from the largest share was taken to double each of the other amounts. the resulting amounts were the same as... more
Money Math


story problem

a clothing company makes a profit of $2.3 million. this is $4.1 million more than last year. what was the profit last year?
Money Math


This year the store sold 7052 books. It experienced a 14% decrease.How many did it sell last year?

A bookstore recorded a decrease in the sales of paper books over the past year. From last year the store experience a 14% decrease in sales. This year the store sold 7952 books. How many did sell... more
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How many of each type of bill does Garrett have?

Garrett has $150 in ten & twenty-dollar bills. The number of ten-dollar bills in one less than twice the number of twenty-dollar bills. How many of each type of bill does Garrett have?
Money Math


someone blends tea that sells for $4.35 a lb w tea that sells for $2.35 a lb to produce 110 lb of a mixture that sells for $3.55 a lb. how many lb of each type

the problem is asking us to find how many pounds of each type of tea is used in the blend 
Money Math


Warren has 40 coins (all nickels, dimes, and quarters) worth $4.05. He has 7 more nickels than dimes. How many quarters does Warren have?

I dont know how to do this problem but it is about Warren and his coins. 
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What price per cellphone unit gives them the maximum monthly sales?

A company of cellular phones can sell 200 units per month at 2,000 dollars each. Then they found out that they can sell 50 more cellphone units every month for each 100 dollars decrease in price .... more
Money Math


Word problem

So my boyfriend and I are getting different answers when trying to solve a word problem. Tommy works 40 hours a week, at 15$ an hour. Tommy also works 6 hours a week at 22.50$ an hour. How much... more
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How many dimes and quarters are there?

A collection of dimes and quarters is worth $25. There are 40 more dimes than quarters. How many of each are there?
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What's the cost of a loaf of bread?

The cost of 4 rolls, 6 muffins, and 3 loaves of bread is $9.10. The cost of 2 rolls, 3 muffins, and a loaf of bread is $3.90. What's the cost of a loaf of bread?
Money Math


there are 12 books in a case. there are 6 cases ina box and 24 boxes in a container.

if each conatiner of books cost $2592, what will be the cost of one book
Money Math


trying to figure out how much i will make this month for the little bit of time that i started working

okay for one client i work 3 hours and 55 minutes and i only have 9 days what is the total number of hours i worked and then with the total number of hours figure out how much i will make if i make... more
Money Math


this is a money question

there is a pile of coins that composes quarters,dimes and nickels. There are twice as many dimes as nickles and 8 times as many quarters a dimes if the value of the pile is 29.7 how many quarters... more

a small business owner bought 15 new computers for his company. he paid $700 each desktop and $1000 for each laptop computer. If he paid $11,700 for the compute

a small business owner bought 15 new computers for his company. he paid $700 each desktop and $1000 for each laptop computer. If he paid $11,700 for the computers, how many desktop computers and... more
Money Math More/less Than


4 similar tables and 5 similar chairs cost $632. If 3 such chairs cost $104 less than 4 such tables, what is the cost of each chair?

I need to know what is the answer immediately  
Money Math


am i missing $45?

original amount=$1200 i have spent $291 from that amount. when i subtract 291 from 1200 i get $909. i count the money i have in my safe and it equals $834. 909-834=75. Am i missing $75 dollars from... more
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Science Math Word Problem

Miguel starts a job working as a biochemist and earns $76,500 a year. He saves 10 percent of his income. After working for one year, he invests what he has saved in an account that pays 2.5 percent... more
Money Math Surface Area


Wallpaper the four walls of her room

Joan wants to wallpaper the four walls of her room. The room is rectangular and measures 11 ft by 13 ft. The ceiling is 10 ft high. A roll of the wallpaper Joan has chosen is 2.5 ft wide and 50 ft... more


What fraction of the total sales for the four weeks is used to pay for supplies for each business? Write the answer in percent form as well.

Puterbaugh's Pizzeria: Total sales for four weeks: $4,920 Total money used on supplies for four weeks: $3038.68   Marino's Pizza: Total sales for four weeks: $6,687.90 Total money used on... more

Jamie has 22 quarters and nickels worth $3.10. How many of each coin does she have?

Please solve as a system of equations, not just one, and show the steps.
Money Math Subtraction


$2.35-.235 cents =

A Hamburger cost $2.35 but you take 10% off I know $2.35 would go into .235 cents if you move the decimal but how do you go on with the problem? Also how do you take the 10% off of the .235 cents?... more


If you spend $4.79, in how many ways can you receive change from a five dollar bill?

If you spend $4.79, in how many ways can you receive change from a five dollar bill?
Money Math


A question about money.

Jane gets $5 a week for allowance. She wants a new phone for $400. If she uses $20 as a base (to start off with), how long will it take her to earn the remaining amount from her allowance?
Money Math


What happened to the dollar

Three FFA members checked into a hotel room at the state FFA Convention. They were charged $30 So they paid $10 each. The manager realized that he had overcharged them since the convention rate was... more

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