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Are quaternary protein monomers unique to a particular protein complex?

I know that quaternary protein structures are formed exclusively via non-covalent bonds. My biochemistry professor discussed a viral capsid that is essentially one quaternary structure with 240... more
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Why is the DNA helix anti-parallel?

Why is it that DNA strands are running in anti-parallel fashion? Given the chemical base-pairing, they could have been parallel just as well.


In which direction does ATP synthase rotate?

I heard about the rotation of ATP synthase in a biochemistry course. The professor said it will rotate counterclockwise. Is that true? If so, what mechanism defines its direction?


Does any molecule other than DNA have a double-helical structure?

DNA is known to have a double-helical structure. Do any other molecules have this structure?
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Do drugs' levo isomers have a better interaction with the receptors in our body than dextro isomers?

Examples of *levo* drugs include levothyroxine, levocitrizine, and levodopa. Is there any specific reason why the receptors in our body exhibit this stereoisomerism and hold a high preference for... more

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