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Microsoft Word 2010 - Conditional Formatting?

Is there a way to apply conditional formatting to a table in Microsoft Word 2010, in much the same way that it is possible in Microsoft Excel?Thanks.
Microsoft Word 2010 Colors Microsoft Word


How to change the background color of a single page in Word 2010?

I can easily change the page color of every pages in my document thanks to the Page Layout Tab in the Ribbon, but I would like to change the color of a single page.Any idea about how to to this... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Word Formatting


How do I put a border on only the top and bottom of an image in Microsoft Word 2010?

I upgraded to Word 2010 (from Word 2003), and am no longer able to apply only top and bottom borders to photos and charts that are inserted or copied into my document as pictures. I used to use... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Word Headers Footers


Header and Footer backgrounds in Word 2010?

Is it possible, in Word 2010, to change the background colour in the Header/Footert, i.e. the document background is white and header/footer background green?Thanks
Microsoft Word 2010 Themes Download Microsoft Word


Downloadable templates and styles for Word 2010?

Where can I find downloadable templates and styles for Word 2010?I'm not a designer, but would like to find pre-packaged sets of fonts, colors and indenting that is more appealing that what is... more

How can I set the orientation of a single page in a multi-page document in Word 2007-2010?

How can I rotate (or insert) a single page into an Office Word document that is oriented differently that the other pages? I know this can be done. I've seen it done in Word 2003 and older... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Language Microsoft Word Spell Check


Change spelling check language for a Document in Microsoft Word 2010?

Usually I use `Microsoft Word 2010` to write English documentsNow I'm editing a document of another language, and want to change the spelling check language of this documentThis change should not... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Word Windows 7


Can I get auto-completion for words in Microsoft Word 2010?

How can I start typing a word, and have Microsoft Word offer me suggestions so I don't need to finish typing? Is there an addon I can buy or download that would do this for me?


Word 2010 Beta - Vertically center content on a single page?

I am writing a paper using Word 2010 Beta and need to horizontally and vertically center my title page. I can horz. center but when I do a vertical center it applies that to the entire document.... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Office Microsoft Word


copy styles from office 2010 word document to another?

Can anyone tell me how to copy styles from one word (2010) document to another? Seemed like a very obvious thing but is apparantly not. Also, is there a command, script that I can run against a... more


How to adjust the thickness of SOME lines in a Word table?

I have a table in Word 2010 and would like sets of rows to be distinguished from other sets, but still all be in the same table. So, I would like a thicker grid line between some of the rows. But... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Word


How do I change the Table of Contents in Word 2010 to show only headings 1-3?

My Word 2010 table of contents shows all headings (headings 1-6 in my particular case). I only want the first 3 levels included, so how do I exclude headings starting with level 4?


Microsoft Word 2010: Assigning a KEYBOARD shortcut for deleting one line of text?

How can I assign a keyboard shortcut to delete just one line of text in Microsoft Office Word 2010? A macro based solution (in Visual Basic) which could be assigned to a custom keyboard shortcut... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Word


Pasted image hides behind text even when set to be inline?

I copied an image from MSPaint and pasted it into a Word document I'm working on. For some reason the image hides behind the text even with the default "in line with text" setting. Trying other... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word - When I hit tab, it no longer indents the bullet-point in a list?

When I hit tab, it no longer indents the bullet-point in a list. Steps to reproduce:1. Create a bulleted list 2. Hit Enter to move to the next line; a bullet-point is created 3. Hit Tab to indent... more


This file originated from an internet location - How to mark this file as local and safe?

I opened a dotx that was emailed to me and I get the prompt saying the file originates from internet location. That is fine. But I now made changes and Save As a new dotx but when I open it, it... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Word


How to get Word to do line break on Enter rather than paragraph break?

When typing in Word, pressing Enter creates a new Paragraph and moves the cursor there. Is there a way to get back to Word 2003 functionality where Enter key would create a line break? P.S. I... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Word Hyperlink


Turning active hyperlinks back to blue?

I selected all the text in a document and colored it all black (which is what I wanted to do). I didn't realize that the document had some hyperlinks in it (several pages in, in a very long... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Word


Keep all the rows of an Microsoft Word 2010 on the same page?

It's so frustrating. I KNEW how to do it (select the rows and click "keep with next") but it doesn't work anymore. How do I keep all the lines on the same page, causing the table to move to the... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Word


Endless save loop in Microsoft Word?

I'm trying to save a Word document as .docx, but each time I click the 'Save' button the dialog reappears and asks me where to save the file. This only happens when I try to save it as a .docx... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Office Microsoft Word


Microsoft Office 2010 Word not saving?

I create a new file on Word 2010. I type a few words. Then I press Ctrl + S to save it or click on the diskette icon on the toolbar. But Word does not save. Does nothing. When I want to close the... more
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Is there a way to repeat the first two rows of a table as a header on each page in Word?

I want to repeat the first two rows of the table as the table header on each page of a Word document.I can repeat the **first row** by checking "Repeat row as table header" in the Table properties... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Text Formatting Microsoft Word


Use two columns in Microsoft Word separately?

I want to do a two-column layout in Microsoft Word, but instead of the second column being written as a continuation of the first, I want the two columns to be written separately just like they... more
Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Word


Word 2010: One button save as PDF?

How can I set Word 2010 so that save as PDF is a 1 button (or key-stroke) option instead of the default 4-step `File > Save & Send > Create PDF/XPS Document > Create PDF/XPS` workflow?
Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Word


Is there a keyboard shortcut to return to previous position?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to return to previous position?The Shift + F5 seems to be back to last "editing position", rather than the last position of the cursor.

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