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How can I come up with great designs for my PowerPoint presentations?

What's the best way to design my slides if I don't want to use one of the generic templates in PowerPoint?


What is Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook?

Document/docs .doc?Database/sheets .xls?Presentation/slides .ppt?Email application?These are known as what software?.
Microsoft Powerpoint Computing Ict Footer


Footer not appearing in powerpoint

I have tried a lot of times to apply footer for my Powerpoint slides. I even tried to use slide Master to apply the footer but the footer only appears in Slide Master but not the powerpoint... more
Microsoft Powerpoint Design Thinking Innovation


Design thinking and innovation

Perform a complete Design Thinking Facilitation1- Choose a real customer first. Family members - Friends or your classmates could be selected. (You may be do this process in pairs, but self... more
Microsoft Powerpoint Powerpoint Power Point


How do I add music to my PowerPoint presentation?

Microsoft Powerpoint Powerpoint Power Point


In PowerPoint, how do you add music?

Microsoft Powerpoint Reading Writing Criminal Justice


If you were a police officer, how would you solve a "tire dumping" problem in your community?

You are a police officer assigned to cover a particular area or beat. For this question, your area is the area in which you currently live. Through your contacts with the citizens and your call... more
Microsoft Powerpoint


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Microsoft Powerpoint Graphic Design Presentation Design


What's the pixel dimensions of a presentation slide for Open Office / Libre Office Impress?

What's the dimensions of a presentation slide in pixels? I'm having a hard time trying to get it right. I keep guessing and checking and it's taking too long. I googled some results and they're a... more
Microsoft Powerpoint


What are the rules of a good Powerpoint presentation?

Microsoft Powerpoint


Why do links break when I move my presentation?

Microsoft Powerpoint


What are the best features of PowerPoint?

Microsoft Powerpoint


Change the text color of the chart title in a PowerPoint Histogram chart?

I am trying to change the text color of the chart title of a histogram chart in PowerPoint. Here is what I do: var colorFormat =... more
Microsoft Powerpoint


What is the best resolution for images in PowerPoint?

Microsoft Powerpoint


How can you add music in a PowerPoint?

Microsoft Powerpoint


How can I replace all the fonts at one time?

Microsoft Powerpoint


Can I use both portrait and landscape slides in the same presentation?

Microsoft Powerpoint


How can I make my PowerPoint presentation stand out?

Microsoft Powerpoint Javascript


Is there a javascript library for ppt simulation?

I do know that there're are many server side ppt simulation projects like Slide Show (S9). But is there a javascript library which handles this and with a fairly easy syntax? That would be more... more
Microsoft Powerpoint


How can I make a PowerPoint presentation fun?

Microsoft Powerpoint


Renaming Objects in PowerPoint?

Probably a very stupid question but I can't figure how to rename an object in PowerPoint.. For example, all my Graphs are called by default "Graph 1" etc. Could someone help me on that? Thanks!
Microsoft Powerpoint Python


Make a PowerPoint presentation using Python?

So I have a collection of close to 90 photographs along with a caption and the date stored in a text file. The images are of variable sizes and I would like to automate the procedure of converting... more
Microsoft Powerpoint


Why is my presentation file size so huge?

Microsoft Powerpoint


PPT to PNG with trasparent background?

I have a PowerPoint .ppt file and I have to create an image for every slide. I'm trying to use the integrated PowerPoint "export as .png". It works but the images have all a opaque background, I... more

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