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What's the pixel dimensions of a presentation slide for Open Office / Libre Office Impress?

What's the dimensions of a presentation slide in pixels? I'm having a hard time trying to get it right. I keep guessing and checking and it's taking too long. I googled some results and they're a... more

What are the best features of PowerPoint?

How can you add music in a PowerPoint?

How can I replace all the fonts at one time?

Is there a javascript library for ppt simulation?

I do know that there're are many server side ppt simulation projects like Slide Show (S9). But is there a javascript library which handles this and with a fairly easy syntax? That would be more... more

How can I make a PowerPoint presentation fun?

Renaming Objects in PowerPoint?

Probably a very stupid question but I can't figure how to rename an object in PowerPoint.. For example, all my Graphs are called by default "Graph 1" etc. Could someone help me on that? Thanks!

Why is my presentation file size so huge?

Why do fonts change on a different computer?

How do I crop images into custom shapes?

Are there any good alternatives for Visio/PowerPoint?

Are there any good alternatives for Visio/PowerPoint for drawing architectural diagrams. Both Visio and PowerPoint are annoying to use even for some of the simplest tasks. wondering if someone out... more

How do you add a PowerPoint file to a blog?

How to simultaneously rename a file in MS Office and delete old version?

In Microsoft Office, when wanting to save a file to a different file name without keeping a copy of the previous file name, doing so requires two steps: - First, File -> Save As... and select... more

Editable HTML, CSS and Javascript within PowerPoint Presentation?

I was wondering if it was possible to have an editable HTML demo interface (like Plunkr) inside PowerPoint for doing educational presentations on HTML, JavaScript, etc. Has anyone done this? Is it... more

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