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Is there any way to convert a LaTeX document to any Microsoft Word format, while retaining the document's structure?

I'm currently working on a developer's manual to go with an application I'm making for work. I wrote a simple script to go through all of my code, and parse all of my comments into a LaTeX... more

Type math formulas in Microsoft Word the LaTeX way?

I wonder if there is some free solutions for typing math formulas the LaTeX way in Microsoft Word document (Office 2007)?

LaTeX Equations in MS Word/OpenOffice?

How can I turn something like: \\[ H = \\sum_{x \\in X} p_x \\log p_x \\]into an image file that can be used to place into a MS Word or OpenOffice Document?

How can I get LaTeX fonts into Adobe illustrator?

I am currently trying to add equations created with LaTeXiT straight into Adobe Illustrator CS6, but somehow the "font" changes. I've tried scrolling around the Internet to see if I could find out... more

Simultaneous Bilingual Writing?

I have recently undertaken a personal project to translate my WIP novel into Japanese in parallel with writing it. I am managing both in LaTeX and editing them in vim, but the topic itself is too... more

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