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How to find document variables in MS Word without using a Macro?

I have document with some document variables in and I'm trying to use those variables in the document. But since the variables are set by an external system (which is not well documented) I'm... more


Uninstall individual Office 2016 programs?

I installed Office Professional Plus 2016 on my windows 10 system. When I installed it, it didn't give me an option of which office programs to install, like it did in the 2010 version (ex. word,... more


MS Word: How to disable spell/grammar checking on a custom style?

I often write documents that contain code snippets in them. I created a custom `code` style so I can quickly differentiate words or paragraphs that are code.However, C++ code is not easy on Word's... more
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How to remove table in MS Word while retaining the text inside of it?

Is it possible to remove table in MS Word, while retaining the text inside of it? I'm using Word 2010.
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Force style usage in Microsoft Word?

Background: Develop a consistent, professional-quality corporate template using Microsoft Word. Problem: People use their own fonts, change styles, and generally make a mess of standardization.... more


Automatically resize picture/image in Word?

I'm using Microsoft Word 2007. I have several large screenshots that need to be inserted into the document at various places. When I paste the pictures, I have to manually resize them to fit... more

Word 2010 Beta - Vertically center content on a single page?

I am writing a paper using Word 2010 Beta and need to horizontally and vertically center my title page. I can horz. center but when I do a vertical center it applies that to the entire document.... more


Is it possible to convert paragraph breaks in Word to line breaks?

When I paste text from Eclipse into Word, it puts each line on its own paragraph. Manually correcting these to line-breaks (shift+enter) is a hassle, is it possible to automate this? I'm using Word... more


copy styles from office 2010 word document to another?

Can anyone tell me how to copy styles from one word (2010) document to another? Seemed like a very obvious thing but is apparantly not. Also, is there a command, script that I can run against a... more
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LaTeX Equations in MS Word/OpenOffice?

How can I turn something like: \\[ H = \\sum_{x \\in X} p_x \\log p_x \\]into an image file that can be used to place into a MS Word or OpenOffice Document?

Microsoft Word 2010: Assigning a KEYBOARD shortcut for deleting one line of text?

How can I assign a keyboard shortcut to delete just one line of text in Microsoft Office Word 2010? A macro based solution (in Visual Basic) which could be assigned to a custom keyboard shortcut... more
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Keeping a whole table on one page?

I have a MS Word 2010 document with many small tables. I would like to prevent those tables from breaking up over pages. I know it is possible to prevent a single row to break up. But I would like... more


Microsoft Office 2010 Word not saving?

I create a new file on Word 2010. I type a few words. Then I press Ctrl + S to save it or click on the diskette icon on the toolbar. But Word does not save. Does nothing. When I want to close the... more
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Prevent heading from being located at the bottom of a page, but without setting it to always be at the top of a new page?

I am working on my thesis and I keep running into a very annoying issue. The heading of a new section is located on the bottom of the page, and all the content of that section is located on the... more
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Can I lock (or make uneditable) portions of a word document?

I am looking to make a letterhead for my company. Right now I currently have an image within the header of the document and an image within the footer of the document.Is there any way I can lock... more


Get Table of contents to include "title" style?

I know Word automatically generates a table of contents using heading levels 1 and 2. I was wondering if it was possible to make Word include the Title formatting also? I am using both Word 2010... more

How to simultaneously rename a file in MS Office and delete old version?

In Microsoft Office, when wanting to save a file to a different file name without keeping a copy of the previous file name, doing so requires two steps: - First, File -> Save As... and select... more


How can I prevent Word/Excel from trying to reach the printer?

Whenever I perform certain operations in Word or Excel (2007), these applications are trying to reach the printer. I work on a laptop at work and at home. When I'm at home (not connected to my... more


Hotkey (or similar) to quickly switch to a monospace font ("teletype") in either LibreOffice or Microsoft Office?

I find myself doing a lot of writing where I would have to change fonts for certain parts of the text. The obvious example is writing code documentation, where you'd have to reference code... more


Can I get the spellchecker in MS Word to remember my grammar decisions?

Sometimes Word will make a incorrect grammar suggestion which I can just ignore.However every time I go to spellcheck it again, it will keep making that suggestion. Is there any way I can get it to... more

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