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Templates C++ Logic C++11


Force all && to be executed?

Consider the following variadic function template <typename Type, typename... Types> bool f(Type& arg, Types&... args) { return f(arg) && f(args...); } template... more
Templates Microsoft Word


Apply template to an existing Word document file?

I have a bunch of really old system manuals that need to be updated, but I can't for the life of me imagine opening each one up and applying the styles, ensuring font remains same, size color,... more

Force style usage in Microsoft Word?

Background: Develop a consistent, professional-quality corporate template using Microsoft Word. Problem: People use their own fonts, change styles, and generally make a mess of standardization.... more
Templates Microsoft Word


How do you make changes to a Word template?

So, I have a Microsoft Word template (.dotx file). I want to make some changes to it, so new documents based on it will look different.I open the template, make my changes, and hit save. Then... more

This file originated from an internet location - How to mark this file as local and safe?

I opened a dotx that was emailed to me and I get the prompt saying the file originates from internet location. That is fine. But I now made changes and Save As a new dotx but when I open it, it... more

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