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Can/Have cancer cells be/been used in stem cell culture lines?

Since Cancer cells have unlimited growth potential, can they be induced towards totipotency and pluripotency? so, can cancer cells be used in stem cell culture because of similar properties of... more


Does homeopathic or herbal treatment of cancer have any scientific recognition?

Even though we have a very high tech society, cancer is still a serious issue. We humans still are not entirely capable of fighting cancer. Radiation and chemotherapy are still considered the best... more

Has Nursing Always Been Female Dominated Like Today (90+%)?

In the United States, 92% of nurses are female, but I can't seem to find any data about male nursing 100 years ago, or even 50 years ago, even though nursing has been around a while. Is there any... more
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Is half-a-tablet of X a substitute for a tablet of X/2?

This may be anecdotal. At the pharmacy earlier, the prescription called for a drug with X mg of the target chemical. The pharmacy however only had stock of a higher potency of the same brand. E.g.... more


How big is an atom?

How does drug-induced photosensitivity work?

Some drugs (tetracyclines, for instance) can cause photosensitivity reactions—that is, some patients become extremely sensitive to the sun, developing rashes or inflammation after spending time in... more


Accommodation mechanism.?

Can anyone explain how contraction of the ciliary muscles causes relaxation of the zonules? Please explain it anatomically i.e. the attachments of ciliary muscles and its relation with the... more


Could a high TSH level mean a problem with the pituitary gland?

When our physician suspects we might have a problem with our thyroid he sends us to check the TSH level in our blood. If there is a lot of TSH in the blood it means that the thyroid can't work... more


What causes swelling after impact?

Why does the head swell after getting hit by something hard? What is the liquid that forms after impact?

Why are pharmacology studies so experimental?

I am a med student, and as far as I see from our pharmacology lectures, pharmacologists work almost completely experimental. Quite typically they take a substance (e.g., from nature), they add,... more


If I used 40 pills in 110 days how many pills have I used in a month?

Do not understand what you mean by decription.  It is a question.


question about hypokalemia/hyperkalemia

this is really confusing me! so say someones TOTAL body potassium were to stay the same but they developed BLOOD hyperkalemia due to something like low insulin levels or acidosis. ultimately the... more


Blood and Plasma Protein Question

Enumerate the plasma proteins along with their site of synthesis. List the important functions of plasma proteins and their normal serum levels. Define hypoproteinemia and discuss its clinical... more


Discuss three factors that can decreases the seizure threshold, thereby increasing the likelihood of seizures?

 Discuss three factors that can decreases the seizure threshold, thereby increasing the likelihood of seizures.?


What role can a nurse play in ensuring that a correct dose of medication is administered to a patient?

The medication administration process starts with a health care provider (medical doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner) who examines a patient, makes a diagnosis, and then writes... more


How were soldiers medically treated after the civil war?

I need this question answered as soon as possible please!
Medicine Pharmacology


Whole problem is in the description

A doctor prescribes an ointment that is 2% hydrocortisone. A pharmacist has 1% and 5% concentrations in stock. How many ounces of each should the pharmacist use to make a 3-ounce tube?

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