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Linear or Not?

Determine whether the following function is linear    y = x^3 - 3x   Explain why      



y =3/2x - 3 Provide this equation with the standard form of itself and what 2 points they intercept. As well at a Table Of Values starting at -4 for x!  


Find equation whose x intercept iof a line is 4 and y intercept is 8.

In my book, it says the answer is (x)/4 + (y)/8 = 1   I have no idea how to solve to get to that answer.     


Linear equation word problem

how much money did a man have if he had $240 left after spending 20% of it at one store and 30% of it at another store ?


Linear and Nonlinear functions

Does the equation represent a linear or a nonlinear function? Explain. 2x+3y=7 y+x=4x+5


Find two numbers whose sum is 72 and one of them is twice the other one

system of linear equation question


Which equation represents a line that's parallel, but not coincident to y=1/2x-3?

 A. y=2/4x-6 B. y=3/6x-3 C. y=2x-6 D. y=-1/2x-1


Please help me with the following mathematical question.

The yield of zucchini Z kg/hectare, over a period of x hours of sunshine and y mm of rainfall is shown in the following statistics:Z= 23,28,30X= 30,50,40Y= 320,360,400a) Form a linear model in the... more


how do you determine a linear relationship from a table?

i have to find the relationship between the length of a peice of rope and the number of knots tied in it. i have a table of my results, but dont know how to plot the graph or how to determine a... more


I really need urgent help for this question... What do they mean by determine the conditions? What conditions? And how do I do the question?

Consider the simultaneous equations px-y=6,8x-2y=q determine the conditions that p and q must satisfy of the simultaneous equations have (i) an infinite number of solutions(ii) no solution,(iii) a... more


Linear Function

Write a rule for a linear function y=f (x), given that f (0) =-5 and f (-5) =-6. Write answers using fractions or integers.    The function rule is f(x) = 


linear equations

A quarterly electricity bill shows the following charges: For the first 50 kWh (kilowatt hours): 9.10c per kWh For the next 150 kWh: 5.80c per kWh Thereafter: 3.56c per kWh a Write down a formula... more


Linear Models

A salesperson recieves a base salary of $35,000 and a commission of 10% of the total sales for the year.     a. Write a linear model that shows the salesperson's total income based on total sales... more


Help Please

A builder needs to build a ramp to a house. It starts at 10 meters from the house, and when it reaches the house it is 0.8 meters higher than where it started. Building regulations state that the... more


Distance from the point (-2,4) to the point (3,-5)

Show and tell how could you find the distance from the point (-2,4) to the point (3,-5)? Is there more than one way to find the distance between the two points? What mathematical theorems were... more


Suppose S_1={u_1,u_2} and S_2={v_1,v_2} are each independent sets of vectors in an n-dimensional vector space V.

Let us assume that every vector in S_2 is a linear combination of vectors in S_1.Question: Does that mean that S_1 and S_2 are bases for the same subspace of V?I know that the answer to this... more


Linear Inequalities, solve & give interval notations, show on number line:| 2x+1 | < 3

Linear Inequalities:   Solve, & give interval notations, show on number line:   | 2x+1 | < 3      If I solved it correctly, I got x<1, please correct me if wrong. How would I show... more


Solve the equation



Solve the equation



Solve the equation



Please help solve these simultaneous linear equations.

3x + y = 182x – y = 75x + 3y = 212x + 7y = 205x + 3y = 312x + y = 122x + 3y = 1-x + 2y = -47x + 2y = 172x – 2y = 1


linear inequalities

What are the equations of the boundary lines in the form y=... for these two inequalities  I) 2y+3x> 11 II) 2y> 10x-7         The second equation should a greater of equal to sign.   2)... more


Describe all solutions of Ax=0

Let A= [1 -4  5  4              2 -8 10 8] Describe all solutions of Ax=0.   


Find a basis of the subspace R4 consisting of all vectors

Find a basis of the subspace of R4 consisting of all vectors of the form [x1, -2x1+x2, -9x1+4x2, -5x1-7x2]  


Describe all solutions of Ax=0

Let A= [1 -4 5  4            2 -8 10 8]   Describe all solutions of Ax=0 x=x2 ?+x3 ? +x4?  

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