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Linear Function Equation Finite College Math


Finite mathematics 1st year college homework help

Hi I'm struggling with two questions and would love some help.1. Brian requires 2100 calories per day to maintain his daily activities and to maintain a constant weight. He wants to gain weight.... more
Linear Function Math Precalculus Function


If f is a linear function such that f(x+2) - f(x) = 6, find the value of inverse of f (x+2) - inverse of f(x)

Only clue she gave us was f(x)= mx+b but I don't know how to utilize that information.
Linear Function Linear Algebra


linear equation

Suppose that a household's monthly water bill (in dollars) is a linear function of the amount of water the household uses (in hundreds of cubic feet, HCF). When graphed, the function gives a line... more
Linear Function Calculus Word Problem Commission


Word Problem - Linear Function

I have just started doing linear functions in math class and while I understand them fairly well, I’m having trouble with how to extract the information I need to use in the question below. A... more
Linear Function Precalculus


how to dervie a linear function from a number table

n --f(n)1 --62--84--128--2015--34
Linear Function


write a linear function f with f(5) = 7 and f(-2) =0

Linear Function Slope


How do I find the slope of an equation like f(x)=6?

 I'm confused, am I missing something obvious?
Linear Function


Application problem with a linear function: Finding a coordinate given two points

The monthly cost (in dollars) of water use is a linear function of the amount of water used (in hundreds of cubic feet, HCF). The cost for using 20 HCF of water is $38.03, and the cost for using 57... more

Is this True or False ? Justify please

If X1,X2 and X3 are vectors in R3 such that {X1,X2} and {X1,X3} are linearly independent sets, then {X1,X2,X3} is a linearly independent set.
Linear Function


determine the general form equation of a line perpenicular to 2x + 3y+ 12 =0 and passes throught the point of (0,-8)

Linear Function


what is the rule for this sequence? ... 7,11,20,36,61

 we have to create a rule for this number sequence, we have figured out the differences are square numbers but do not know where to go from there
Linear Function


Constructing a linear model

Suppose you are the new owner of a fruit stand and on your first day of selling fruit, you sell five apples. assume that, for the next 20 days, the amount of apples you sell increases by one every... more
Linear Function


linear function

If f is a linear function for which f(1) = 4and f(−1) = 14,find f(7)=?
Linear Function


Find a linear function that models the value (in dolllars) of the car as a function of time (in years)

Suppose you purchase a new car for $15,000. The value of the car decreases by $2,000 each year. Find a linear function that models the value (in dollars) of the car as a function of time (in years)
Linear Function


Explain the meaning of the slope, x and y intercept

A phone company charges a base cost of $23 per month and 16 cents per call. Find the linear function C(n) where C is monthly cost in $ and n is the number of phone calls in a month. Explain the... more
Linear Function


Is y + 2x = 12 a linear function if y is a function of x?

in other words must a linear function be written in slope intercept form? Or is the form of the equation irrelevant ?
Linear Function


linear function

 Graph the following equation and determine if it is a linear function: y = negative-1/2x + 3
Linear Function Algebra


Word Problem: Linear Function

A speeding ticket is $100 plus $5 for every 1 mph over the speed limit.a) Write a linear function to model the cost S(x) (in $) of a speeding ticket for a person caught driving x mph over the speed... more

Excel solver word problem

Hi there I need help modeling this problem. I cant figure out how to set it up in excel solver. Norman Bates is the General Manager of the Bates Motel. Each evening, he visits people in their... more
Linear Function Pre Calculus Linear Relations


Pre-Calculus: Writing Linear Equations

Write an equation in slope-intercept form of the line that has slope -4 and passes through the point at (2,-2).
Linear Function Graphs Algerbra Linear


calculate ?the ?area ?of ?a ?triangle ?bounded ?by y = 0 y , y = x y x , x = 4

This has to do with linear graphs and functions but i don't understand how y can= 0 and x if x=4
Linear Function Functions Percentage


In 2000 77% of instructional classrooms had internet access. In 2005, 94% of classrooms has Internet access.

In 2000 77% of instructional classrooms had internet access. In 2005, 94% of classrooms has Internet access.   (a) Find a linear function that fits the data.  (b) In what year did approximately... more
Linear Function


How do I determine if this is a linear function?

x values are : 3,5,6,8 y values are : 14,19,21.5,26.5 ( in my book these values are in a table )    I tried to find the slope of (3,14) (5,19) (6,21.5) ( 8,26.5). The slopes weren't constant so... more
Linear Function


equation for a linear function (14,0) perpendicular to the given of g(x) = 2x + 5

Need help making the equation 

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