Asma S.

asked • 07/19/16


y =3/2x - 3
Provide this equation with the standard form of itself and what 2 points they intercept.
As well at a Table Of Values starting at -4 for x!

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Kenneth S. answered • 07/19/16

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Asma S.

"For the table of values, choose x = -4, -2, 0*, 2 and 4; calculate the y values that correspond."
Could you clarify that?
I don't think I did what you said?
What's the T.O.V equation?


Kenneth S.

The word CORRESPOND is used in the ordinary sense of mathematical functions, i.e. f(x) = y tells us how to input an x into the formula for a function, obtaining the y value that goes with it--this idea is that (x, f(x)) is an ordered pair of x & y coordinates corresponding to one point on the graph of the function.  
The output, y, corresponds to the input, x. You could also say that the y outputs are associated with their individual inputs.
The Table OValues equation is y = y =3/2x - 3; the resulting table that I suggested computing is
-4  -9
-2  -6
0    -3
2    0
4    3
(1st column is x values, 2nd column is corresponding y values for those x values)
Clearer than this I cannot get.


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