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Alternative for Sketch on Windows?

I recently came across a tool called "Sketch", which is great for designing apps and other responsive layouts, and has great resources as well. For now, it's only available for Mac though. What... more

Any way to use an Android tablet as a cheap touch-screen (display + pointer-input-device) for Photoshop?

Is there a way (a hack; a commercial app; etc...) which enables me to use any of the available <300$ tablets as a pen-input device to my PC? And specifically in Photoshop?Wacom's offerings are... more


how to get shutter actuation count from image metadata android?

I am using metadata-extractor-2.5.0-RC3.jar to extract metadata from an image. It shows all the details except shutter count. It there any possibility to get all metadata from an image private... more


What is "antibanding" in photographing?

What is *"antibanding"* in photography? I read this term in Android documentation for the [android.hardware.Camera.Parameters.setAntibanding()][1] method. [1]:... more


i want to make an android app that plot data on google map by receiving data from an online server? pls give me step

Can you provide me some step for building this


detect all printer connected to router in android example

 I am developing an app in which I need to scans WiFi network and display the list of all connected printer devices.
Android Writing


what is process selection(code optional) in a report on a working android application

i have made an app that changes the wallpaper  it uses picasa api to fecth the wallpaper then sets that wallpaper on the homescreen now i am writing a report on this app  and according to the... more
Android Apps Gimp


GIMP inkscape not loading?

So I just downloaded GIMP inkscape on to my AGFA Photo tablet, and it comes up with    "Error: X server failed to launch.   This may happen because of SELinux, or because installation was... more
Android Tablet


android tablet not turning on

Hi everyone ! :)I was playing with my android tablet when suddenly it shut down with a little sound.I does not turn on :crying:, I tried volume up and down method, but it charges with the adapter.... more

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